About The Band

Bio: Truth is a rapper, producer, and writer. An artistically inclined child he taught himself to play the guitar at 15 and soon fell in love with the idea of creating his own music, which he started doing from the age of 16 in his bedroom.Truth soon became an artist with a sound that was as melodic and atmospheric as it was hard, drawing on influences from rap music pioneers like Dr Dre, Jay-Z, and Nas.
Currently Truth is working on his debut album “State of Affairs” and his new mixtape “TS3 (Tru Stories Part 3)” the follow up to ‘TS2’. TS2 featured the single ‘English Rudeboy’ which is an edgy anthem designed to showcase Truth on the global stage, already well received by the industry in the US “English Rudeboy” demonstrates Truth’s versatility both in terms of lyrical content and delivery style.