About The Band

Bio: Brand new music played on the slide and the tunings of the Delta Blues. Italian melodies sung in both languages (English / Italian) supported by Shuffle / Swing / Rock 'n' roll. Strange two-elements line up, drums and guitar. Sexy, breathtaking voice, power and intimacy at the same time. The showbiz is not interesting, what really matter are the gigs and the people to know, to play and build strong friendships with, to travel around the world playing, busking and having fun with the highest passport: the Blues! 2005 VOTE FOR SAKI is born: Riccardo Carestia (author, singer and guitarist) and Gian Luigi Mandolini (drums and percussions). 2007 Self-titled album, produced by the band VOTE FOR SAKI Italian tour 2009 January - “Segui il Leader” (Follow the leader) album with U.d.U. Records label and Ossigeno Digital Distribution (iTunes and Alma Music) June/August - MoYsa Festival by VOTE FOR SAKI: an indie live road show to promote new bands in the name of Music September/2010 - New Italian and European tour (first stage: London) and new album recording Open Act for: Africa Unite, Casino Royale, The Styles, Mojomatixs, Bud Spencer Blues Explosion.