We Are Jonah

About The Band

Bio: Writing these things is tricky. It's hard to know whether to try and sound funny, or trendy, or clever. So instead I'm going to tell you why we're in a band together.

Oddly enough though, to explain why we're in a band, I need to explain why we're not in a band. We're not in a band to try and change the world. We're not in a band for girls, gold or glory. We're not in a band to be 'the next anyone', or to 'push musical boundaries', or even to be on the radio. It's not that those things are bad. It's just not the centre of what we do.

We're in a band because every now and again, a song connects with someone. A song makes sense in a way it never has before, maybe even takes on a meaning far from that for which it was written. But for that person, the song is theirs... That moment, that's why we do what we do.