Young Fate

About The Band

Bio: Emerging from the mean streets of Telford and Albrighton, Young Fate burst onto the hip-hop scene in 2005. The band's latest album, First Steps To Freedom, unites insightful lyrics with funky beats to create a solid record chock full of bassy street anthems. With standout tracks like "Let Me Be," classic tracks "I Need A New Way" and hyped club tracks such as "Jump Up" dominating radio airwaves far and wide, Young Fate is an essential addition to any music lover's library. Hitting above high expectations is what they deliver each time; each track to perfection. Are you prepared for their LIVE set performance.. One question is asked...

Young Fate are an upcoming hip-hop group. Based in the outskirts of Wolverhampton, Young Fate write about day to day life, and dreams. This controversial group consists of 4 members including Sparda, Reeney, Shotz And Trex. Their main focus within music is to pass message to other youths that crime and dealing is not by any means the way forward. They want the youths to know, dealing and trafficing drugs maybe a quick income, but compared to the time they could do in jail, it's nothing. To put all your time and effort into something such as much music, requires a lot more thought and brain, but it is definately worth while, because after a long 6 years, Young Fate are now gigging and making money... LEGALLY!