jonathan oakeley

About The Band

Bio: former choir-boy, former emo-pop-punk pioneer, self-confessed voyeur, crass humourist and reading's formost proponent of acoustical-cock-pop, jonathan oakeley has been making music for years. you don't want to hear about how he's been working with song-writers at BMG, EMI and Stock-Aitkin-Waterman (RIP) or with some shit-hot producers such as Timbaland, Rick Rubin and Jacknife Lee, or even how he stormed the stage at the '96 Brit awards in protest against Michael Jackson because (a) he hasn't, and (b) it would be telling some dirty great big fibs...

instead, jonathan prefers to let his music speak for itself. are you after some light dinner party music? some horrifically cheesy yet still sublimely catchy acoustic pop to soundtrack a kiss in the rain? or, perchance, do you require some soaring melodies, twinkling hooks and some ethereal harmonies. look no further - jonathan oakeley is here...