About The Band

Bio: lost michi has, slowly but surely, become Natalia Rodrigues’ artistic identity, a feeling, a refuge... a music project, yes... but also touching other areas such as performance, photography and video. “The time has come where i cannot dissociate the medium that i use in my work, they are all there and they speak in different languages about the same things. I am in lost michi and lost michi is in me...”

In concert you may find a low-fi atmosphere, sometimes accoustic with Natalia’s strong voice standing out, sometimes with multiple voices strugling in space “straight out of my head” she says. It is non the less the multidisciplinarity of the lost michi character that makes the live performances more than a musical experience.

Involved in this project, that started in 2007 with the participation on the final of the Termometro festival in Porto, is the drummer, percussionist and photographer Eddie Stacchini, that has worked with Natalia in several projects throughout the years.
Having a solid musical background this musician easily adapts himself to the empty spaces of guitar and voices.
Eddie’s talent is present in all lost michi recordings and frequently in concert.