About The Band

Bio: In a nutshell, back in 2007, 3 musicians, Amy, Phil & Bry had jamming sessions at a mate's house and really enjoyed each others company. They knew that they could work together as a band and so decided to carry on further.... selfishlovers where born!
Selfishlovers needed a drummer which lead to Martin Raynor joining the band. Martin had previously worked with Amy in a band called Silver Baby....Selfishlovers where complete. A songwriter was needed, Martin suggested that Chris Probert, a former member from his old band 'The Lazy Aces' would be the right person for the job and was recruited. Amy, Martin and Chris are now a full time song writing trio. After a short while Amy decided that she needed an extra female vocalist to augment the selfishlovers sound. Vicky was brought in, an old friend of Martins.
If you like pop music with a sprinkle of something different then checkout selfish*lovers..they're unpretentious and work purely on the ethic that good pop music speaks for itself. Nothing more to be said.?