SupaJam Music

The Way Home

Home grown band moulded under city lights, fusing the vital ingredients of classic rock, soul and country into a compelling and...

Coax Rhino

Formed in 2008, Coax Rhino is a indie/rock band from New Haven, CT


"broken pieces" is a song from our upcoming studio-album "big show / directors cut"! It's about love,...


Indie, acoustic, Rock/pop, love to perform and get a crowd on their feet.

The Red Velvetines

We're all about the rock, roll, and battered mars bar blues!

Nation of the State

We do what we do because we love it. We live this! Rock!!!!

The TwonEights

THE TWO N EIGHTS sound like the night before the morning after so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

Hand Of The Daedra

Formed in 2006 Hand Of The Daedra have had releases sell out shows and tours and have been on countless radio and television...


we are systems. trying to be thoughtful and honest to a soundtrack

Hold Up, Nancy!

Young folky/poppy Londoners

Jacob Serra

Jacob Serra, singer with a touch of the Rufus Wainwright and the Sgt Peppers Beatles era


Marathon are an alternative rock band from the Southeast of England. They are currently playing up and down the country in...

The Whyrus

The Whyrus is a Swedish metal band, formed in the fall of 2008. Inspired by Metalcore, Nu Metal and Alternative Metal. The...

The Jonny Guns

THE JONNY GUNS isn't like your average indie rock band. This four piece from Notts avoid the usual copy-cat traps to generate...

The Dash

The Dash are a London based band of scruffy haired punks with hooks as sharp as their shoes and melodies as scuffed as their...


With a smarter, slicker look and sharp danceable beats, THE ICONYX are driving changes in the guitar-based indie scene and...




Harley Davidson used this track on their up coming ad campaign for their new range of bikes. Its hard and to the point!

Hey Yeah!

HEY YEAH! The new Brussels power pop band influenced by the retro touch of JOY DIVISION, the crazyness of SUPERGRASS and...

Al Mitchell

Al Mitchell is a singer/songwriter from paisley in scotland. His style has been desribed as a cross between jack johnson and...

13th hole

13th HOLE, a mixed French-Italian group [Rennes and Carpi], follower of a kind of American noise culture. One Peel session on...