SupaJam Music


SuperKasanova are an interesting Darkwave band from Dublin, Louth and the midlands. In their first year they giged in Louth...


Three piece band from Glasgow!

Bespoke Union

BESPOKE UNION are a 5 man band from London. They formed in late 2009 and have an original and vibrant sound along with a...

Fighting Tyler

We are a Female fronted, alt rock act from the U.K, with an energetic live show and original material.



Starboard Silent Side

Everything started in Amsterdam where two childhood friends accidently met. Jim the singer, a Swedish globe-trotter with a...


3 minutes of cOsMIcThRaShPop_DiRtRoCK from Manchester's - 'Ten Bears'

The Daze

Indie Classic, you have to hear it, 4 Scottish lads having it!! Get us across to SPAIN!!!!!!!

James Froud

An English/Canadian singer-songwriter, drawing influences from the worlds of folk, country, bluegrass and blues to create a...


Brand new music played on the slide and the tunings of the Delta Blues. Italian melodies sung in both languages (English /...

Alex Cornish

Singer-songwriter from Scotland whose songs have been featured on hit US TV shows, playlisted on Radio 2 and garnered universal...


Zenyth established in Cardiff in 2004 with the ambition of blending catchy melodies, gritty riffs and original song-writing to...

Izzi Stone

Izzi Stone consists of four lads from Bucks, UK eager to play hard hitting rock the way its meant to be played. Taking...

Half French

Passion for overdriven indie lead us to this point, check it out!

Dear X

Many things can be said about Dear X,but never that the band has searched for easy, quick success. The sound is on the verge of...


3 South Africans, 2 Irishmen playing American Rock, you just gotta listen!!

Denied Light

Emotionally unstable atmospheric tunes. Denied Light is an Italian band formed in 2007. Their distinctive sound, atmospheric...

The Watermelons

Indie pop band writing catchy song

Electric Hoedown

Electric Hoedown is a modern folk rock band, rediscovering and reinterpreting traditional folk songs using modern instruments.


Jawbreaking Rock

Miss Larri Gardet

A funky Dilicious Band Playing originals of funk and soul fronted by fiesty vocalist and songwriter amanda. Played at venues...