SupaJam Music

Garry Kennedy Music

From the Lake District, UK. Big Voices, Big guitars, Big strings, Big brass, Big everything! Is it Big enough for you? :-)

Rhett Brewer

Rhett Brewer is a British-based composer and singer whose career began with the release of the collaborative album These Wings...

The Sirens Call

We have different styles within our arranged songs, styles being how we project a mental image into people heads when they...

Grace Under Fire

With a set of songs abounding with complex yet toe-tapping rhythms, and matched by guitars that are textured whilst still...


Catchy and Crunchy Alternative Punk Rock

Wide Sea

Wide Sea is a London-based four piece band formed by three brothers and their first cousin who have been performing together...


Jawbreaking Rock

L.A. Salami

Lookman Adekunle Salami - ‘L.A. Salami’ - is a rare breed of musician that the world has been craving since the height of...

Amazing Apples

The Amazing Apples are a Galway based band. They formed around Christmas 2007. Previously they played in different bands...

Walking Naked Mary

A two man band with lots of electronic synthie sounds, and a backing band that never loses the beat, an iPod nano. WNM didn't...

Sister Rose

4 piece band from Middlesbrough, Shared stages witht he likes of Miles Kane, Cast, Kitty Daisy and Lewis.

Tramp Etiquette

The Tramps play their own brand of soulful, funky, pile-driving indie-rock. They've played mainstage O2 Islington, Rhythms of...


"Like an angular Elbow with Maccabees sensibilities and enormous choruses" GILL MILLS - BEST OF MYSPACE & NME RADIO

Rook and The Ravens

Rook and The Ravens are 'articulate, edgy, blistering, self-assured and diverse. They are without doubt, an inspirational and...

Splash Macadam

The energy and freshness of those three multiple influences music passionate (among which Indie, and Blues) brings back to the...

Preachers Son

Preachers Son are Dubliners Brian Hogan (Kíla) and Emmaline Duffy-Fallon (previously of Engine Alley). Together since 2009,...

Kim Edgar

A warm and engaging live performer, Kim's songs combine compelling narratives and strong, piano-led melodies.

The Locals

The Locals, heralding from Blackpool, display a talent for fine song-writing with a truly blistering live delivery. Appearances...


Melodramatic provocation for discontented dreamers


Roshambo are an up and coming band from the south coast of England and have been playing together now for 5 years. The band...


Singer-songwriter who has played with such greats as Ray Davies (Kinks), Eddi Reader (Fairgound Attraction) and Paul Brady