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kid francescoli

Kid Francescoli’s music is somewhere between Ratatat and Ennio Morricone. Kid Francescoli are beautiful, melodic and sometimes...


Time is circular, everything comes back again and again. History repeats itself, but brings always something new. The same...


nosnow/noalps, written in lowercase without any spaces, began it's journey over mountainous terrain in early 2007 with their...

Missing White Women

Make guitar driven music like The Smiths, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, The Velvet Underground, The White Stripes, Nirvana

White Pilots

White Pilots are on the move. Their first single is out under independent label MC9 and available on Itunes and Spotify. Tracks...

Daisy Cutter

After 1.5 year promoting our last album we're back in studio. Recording the follow-up. Getting ready to hit the road next year.


We are Rok.Ink, a 4piece original Rock/Metal band from Barnsley with a hunger to rock the masses.

Ice Black Birds

4 Piece Garage rock band from Brighton, just got back from SXSW, been touring for 2 years, put 3 singles out and the album...


Mirémonos breeds out of the alternative and independent persuasion within rock, and with echoing bellows it expresses unease...

Dead Rabbits

Hailing from Southampton (UK), open your ears to the psychedelic rock 'n' roll of Dead Rabbits

The Special Ks

The Special Ks recorded their debut album BOA this year, They sold out their show at THE GREAT ESCAPE fest this summer and...

The Mispelt

MISPELT representing the underdog and antidote to the Junkfood Generation – No messing straight in there tuneful shouty fem-gob...


The British Green Day = Epic Rock n Roll


Formed in 2003, Meretto are an energetic 3 piece deliver a jaunty, energetic spiky prog-edged indie rock with pop sensibility.

LR Rockets

We lost Renee in 2000, she fell for us because we were a bunch of no-good rock n roll losers. With this song we want to find...

Brother & Bones

“.... some say the sound between Mumford and Sons and The Dead Weather.......I think these boys could be better and bigger than...


Tim has been playing melodic, acoustic, Beatles/Elliott Smith-informed music since January 2008. 'My Name Is Fire' is...


Vote for the coolest Band in Spain, electro rock influenced by artist like Depeche Mode


We're a young band from Leeds looking to introduce as many people as possible to our music!

The Kicks

We are a band from Gillingham in the Medway Towns and have been gigging for a few months, progress has been surprisingly quick...

Josie and the Lovecats

Josie and the Lovecats, a female fronted trio from Cornwall, skip sublimely between cosmic folk, baroque and rickety pop....