SupaJam Music

Kim Edgar

A warm and engaging live performer, Kim's songs combine compelling narratives and strong, piano-led melodies.

Cargo Cult

We are rock band from Exeter. We love to play music. Our EP explains us better than I can. Check it out at:...


FireBug has performed at 2010 UK Sonisphere Festival and is showcasing @ SXSW 2012. Produced by QOTSA/Cult producer Chris Goss


Malaxe (french 'merging & blending') compiles the best of different genres. dirty trip hop beats meet mindwrapping...


Firelights are four Liverpool based guys who you would normally find wandering the streets looking for the next glass of...


NOUS is an alternative punk rock band formed in 2002 in Madrid, Spain. These three Argentinian brothers began jamming in 2001...

The Cahier Collection

The Cahier Collection are a Belfast based band who have been described as 'one of the emerging greats of the Northern Irish...


Hi everybody! This song is about being so much in love... it turns in to violence and exusing the violence to prove your love....

O Emperor

Po is an imaginary friend that only exists in the mind of the child. When the child grows up, Po can no longer be seen (except...

All The Queens Ravens

an enigmatic six piece from South East London, fronted by two ladies with a devilish vocal chemistry and who are uncompromising...

My Favourite Pornstar

We are a six-piece pop-punk-screamo band from Newport,South Wales. Since forming in September 2005 we have played with bands...


Blurring divides between digital and analogue, combining the raw power of distorted guitars and the rigid perplexities of...


CodeJak are a band with a difference! Go to www.codejak.co.uk for more info!!

Picture Book

Eletronic Dance Music - Played Live.

The Draymin

The Draymin hail from a hut in the town of Rosyth, Fife, Scotland. Inspired by a love of guitar and dance music – they have...

The NYCO Project

We record all our audio live and on camera at the same time, in different locations - what you hear is what you see. We call...

The Bottlenex

Gritty ska/rockabilly infused UK punk rock from the suburban wastelands of Britains most intollerant cities!


Monty Es Un Rapero De 31 Años Que Empezó En El Movimiento Allá Por Los Años 90 Hace Como Unos 15 Años Mas O Menos, Siempre...

Cast Of Thousands

Europhoric emotion filled musical shards of life

Kings Avenue

Rock/Indie/Disco Beat - A powerfull song you want to dance to, but with a feeling of desperation

Th' Parish

East Anglia to London, provincial pop music- "Western-Colville-upon-Marsh's finest"- Linton Village News 09/09