SupaJam Music

Hannah Trigwell

Combining soaring choruses and beautifully crafted melodies, Hannah Trigwell has created her own brand of stripped-back...


We are a classic rock psychedelic band from Liverpool Uk. Our band integrates 2 lead guitarist , bass, drums and lead singer.

Rik Warren

"A unique, thought-provoking and brilliantly sophisticated sound." Chris Hawkins - BBC Radio


KHY are a 3 piece male vocal group bought together by their one passion in life...their love of music. With their smooth...


The Room74 was formed in 2004, in Lisbon. A band with influences from the late 70..s 80..s and 90..s. The first album was...

Hold Up, Nancy!

Young folky/poppy Londoners

Nick Whitehorn

I am a singer/songwriter from Manchester and love music of all sorts! Playing/performing/producing are all things I'm involved in.

The Wishbones

The Wishbones are a 3 piece Folk/Bluegrass band from the New Forest. Using an array of traditional acoustic instruments they...

An Accidental Modernist

This is the product of one girl, a laptop, some comic books and much, much tea. And sugar. Sugar and caffeine have much to do...

Josh Bunce


2 Day Nation

In Easter 2009 the band released their first EP which contained "Bluffer","One and Only" and the infamous "Sex Machine".The...

The Monomes

A personal rock and roll sound. Energetic and powerfull performance

Highway Child

Highway Child is rock 'n roll, it's as simple as that. Catchy riffs, thundering drums and a strong vocal in front has earned...


Inukshuk offers songs ranging from acoustic intimacy to towering melancholy. 'Paint' is typical of the feints that...

Small Words

Hot and heavy 5 piece making sweet music in the small town of Halifax. Rocking out and making chiller music for all to like.

The Lost Souls Club

The Lost Souls Club are less than a 18 months old but have already made a huge impact internationally in 2011 !. Off the back...

My Favourite Runner Up

My Favourite Runner Up are the latest Pop Punk band to dominate the Welsh Rock Scene


managed by clive black discovered by trevor horn recently worked with guy chambers james craise is a modern songwriter and...


This is our first single. It's a bit like The Kooks


Last summer they have appeared on Bring the Noise on UTV.Their video being aired onTV. They opened for the Xoxo tour last...

Monika Lidke

“Disarmingly lovely, trilingual folk-jazz singer” Time Out “Stimulation for the ears from the appealing debut album ‘Waking up...