SupaJam Music

Stray Dogs

Foals called us 'The freshest sound of 2011' and the Kills said 'Best Live act we have seen this year' when they saw us last...


highly entertaing Galway 5 piece.... Trad, but not as we know it’, encompassing influences from Russia to South America, while...

Trouble With Tuesday

High Energy Indy pop Rock Band from Herts

Viva City

"VIVA CITY....an über-cool four piece mashing d'n'b-flavoured electro-rock beats with alt-indie sounds....


Sounds from the deep of our bright hearts and dark souls

The Seven Deadly Sins

"Inspired in part by the shimmer of Teenage Fanclub and the heaviness of Nirvana. This blend seems to have won them a few...


Malaxe (french 'merging & blending') compiles the best of different genres. dirty trip hop beats meet mindwrapping...

James Froud

An English/Canadian singer-songwriter, drawing influences from the worlds of folk, country, bluegrass and blues to create a...

Early Ghost

Early Ghost is a six-piece based around the South of the UK that formed in late 2009.

Lora Wilbekingsoon

Imagine if Kimya Dawson was English and wrote folk inspired songs with Lou Reed. Then that would be a mildly accurate...


GraVil are a 5 piece metal band based in London, UK. The bands sound has been descibed by Rocksound Magazine as "Mixing up all...

Holly Taymar

Melodic, beautiful acoustic tunes - gorgeous voice, finger picked guitar and hints of mandolin, banjo and cajon

Roads & Rivers

With only their hands they have crafted some of the finest songs ever created and they have only just begun.

Speaking in Shadows

Speaking in Shadows deliver a patchwork of provocative and empowered music with conscious and engaging messages. They do not...


Crowne combine melodic rock with indie but always surprise listeners with innovative and interesting material

The Stud

Half Chilean, half German psychedelic garage Rock Band

The Red Velvetines

We're all about the rock, roll, and battered mars bar blues!

Fin Raziel

Hailing from the rural outskirts of Bath, Fin Raziel broke into the space disco scene in 2008 with their debut EP, Disaster....

Circle Of One

Circle of One are a band armed with gigantic riffs and melodic hook laden choruses,fierce yet melodious. The guy"s have...

New Carnival

New Carnival are a 3 piece band who play Indie-Dance music. They formed 2 years ago and have been playing live shows since....

Stop The Blackout

Stop The Blackout are a four-piece from Manchester whose huge indie rock offerings transcend their DIY approach. Their Debut...