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Caught In A Crossfire

CAUGHT IN A CROSSFIRE is a 5 peice Portsmouth based Hard hitting punk band that play hard and party hard check it!


anti poverty song from scottish rock four piece Maranchez


This track is A tribute to all the youths who lost there lives in gangs and in the wars. We are asking for Peace.

The Wavemen

A singer with one hand, a wild band, and lyrics only drunks or poets can understand

The Stilts

The Stilts are a four-piece alternative rock outfit from West London. Favouring raw, organic sounds over synthesized or...

Pierre Vincent

Born in Tooting, London. Pierre's family moved to Deal, Kent in 1991. Aged 11, he found an old beat-up classical guitar in the...

Young Electrics

Young Electrics have settled into the Brighton Scene very comfortably and are about to release their E.P Caught in The Rain...


Female vocalist bin currently working on my ep to be released


UXL are the Tierney brothers John, PJ and Paul from Birmingham and friend Dan Clark from Wolverhampton. They’re described by...

Micaela Mendez

Micaela Mendez est une chanteuse argentine résidant à Paris.Elle a signé son premier single chez Virgin/Emi en 2006 "Ton...

Gravity Is Dead

One of the UK's most promising new bands are set to explode in 2009 with their refreshing and authentic blend of energetic...


University induced calculated dancemoves and screamed formulae.


London based band Gecko's fresh take on acoustic pop is a flood of optimism and energy. Think Vampire Weekend's indie eye view...

Flute of Shame

Flute of Shame is an acoustic trio made up of Koop Arponen (Finnish Idols winner 2008), James Lascelles and Dane Steafniuk....

Ben Slade

A Hackney kid who likes pretending to be a musician.


Inspired by the likes of The Arcade Fire, The National and the Guillemots, described as 'Truly Breath Taking' and 'This Summers...


nosnow/noalps, written in lowercase without any spaces, began it's journey over mountainous terrain in early 2007 with their...


Fresh, captivating, original, powerfull, atomic .. Bluffant!! They are six. Six artists fascinated by polymorphic sounds and...

Brando Quartet

Jazz and classical style with flute, guitar, doublebass and drums.