SupaJam Music


i used to be in a load of indie bands when i was younger and since then i got into producing my own electronic dance music,...

Khaos Theory

KHAOS THEORY are a hard rock/metal band from Redditch (near Birmingham) in the UK.

The Yellhounds

A plaintive fable, a song born on city streets at the break of dawn, a gutsy holler for respite, carnival music

Antonio Lulic

British, deep voiced and gravel-throated North-Eastern singer-songwriter. Energetic, passionate and powerful on stage. Ed...


Formed in 2005, Seldon is dead-set on changing with the world with music they have brought forth. Aggressive. Heavy.

Painted People


Saturdays & Sundays

Saturdays and Sundays were formed after Joe and Adam met at Bristol University and on a recommendation from the local pub...

Blind Ambition

5 Piece Rock/Metal band formed in 2007, influenced by the likes of Guns N Roses, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, have...


It’s safe to say that it’s definitely not everyday you’ll come across a set of lads like these. The band is certainly on a...

mitchell museum

Splattering the more instantaneous moments of Animal Collective, Flaming Lips and Modest Mouse Pollock-style onto a fluorescent...

Jacob Serra

Singer with a touch of the Rufus Wainwright and the Sgt Peppers Beatles era

Anja McCloskey & Band

Half-American, half-German singer-songwriter/ accordionist and band, currently based in Southampton.


In 2006, some friends got together to have fun doing what they liked doing most: making music. Rapidly, they started writing...

Rock Ignition

This is Rock music, true, devoted and enthusiastic.This is the journey to the primordial ignition rooted in the Hard Rock of...

Stop The Blackout

Stop The Blackout are a four-piece from Manchester whose huge indie rock offerings transcend their DIY approach. Their Debut...

Speaking in Shadows

Speaking in Shadows deliver a patchwork of provocative and empowered music with conscious and engaging messages. They do not...

Andy Muscat

Nostalgic Indie Singer Songwriter from Portsmouth

Double MP

Portuguese Guitar mixed with Chillout music In 'Double MP' the Portuguese Guitar, an instrument with old and deep roots in...


Monty Es Un Rapero De 31 Años Que Empezó En El Movimiento Allá Por Los Años 90 Hace Como Unos 15 Años Mas O Menos, Siempre...

Never A Hero

We are a British Rap Rock band from the South East of England. Since forming in March 2009, we’ve racked up a million+ plays on...


Singer-songwriter who has played with such greats as Ray Davies (Kinks), Eddi Reader (Fairgound Attraction) and Paul Brady