SupaJam Music

The Dash

The Dash are a London based band of scruffy haired punks with hooks as sharp as their shoes and melodies as scuffed as their...

Davie Janeway

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride!

We Were Beautiful

We Were Beautiful are already making waves in the North West Music Scene, with gigs in Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffiled & even...

Brucey Ripper Band

Real music from the Boro!

The joystix

The band has released two full length records. Playin with fire in 2006. And ..And joystix for all in 2008. Also contributed in...

Truly Ford

Truly Ford is a 19 year old Singer-Songwriter, influenced by and musically compared to Tracy Chapman, Florence Welch and Laura...

The Brays

The Brays play stylish, hook-laden indie rock and their live shows are sweaty, dance-til-your-feet-hurt, heart-soaring...

Picnic Now!

Lolly Sticks is the first song off our latest EP. We wrote back in the summer of '08, simply as a song about the joys of...


We're a young band from Leeds looking to introduce as many people as possible to our music!

Club Promise

A young nu-folk band from East Sussex


OD Rapper Singer Songwriter and Hip-Hop Artist

The Band of the Eye

In 2007, an Irish youth living in the UK attempted to name a group Full Intercourse. He was prevented from doing so, and The...

The Flowing

Timeless and could have existed at any point over the past forty years or so, the passion and conviction make The Flowing...


A Liverpool rock trio just trying to make a connection with audiences everywhere and anywhere.

pal steelo

laid back songs with strong lyrical ideas


i used to be in a load of indie bands when i was younger and since then i got into producing my own electronic dance music,...

My Other Life

4 Northeast lads delivering a unique brand of anthemic crowd pleasing chorus laden piano indie-pop. Just back from 2011 UK Tour x

Saving Alexis

Saving Alexis is a pop-rock quartet fueled up with teenage energy and fresh sounds

Barefoot For Native

A BREATH OF LIFE, with a strong love of harmonies and soulful melodies

John Ainsworth

Think 12 String Guitarist that has the haunting Voice of Jeff Buckley and the fingers of Eric Clapton.

Lack of Lifeboats

From a small town in the North East where nicking a wheelie bin and setting it on fire is the order of the day come four...