SupaJam Music


Explosive in every way, from their face-to-face punk rock attitude to their infectious blend of modern anthemic rock with...

The Way Home

Home grown band moulded under city lights, fusing the vital ingredients of classic rock, soul and country into a compelling and...

Aaron Wright

Aaron Wright sings and writes songs. He was born to a Canadian mother andScottish father, and developed an early love for...




Hoax a four driven rockband from Dublin are best know for their exciting live shows and their ability to paint on silence

You Had Me At Hello

We're a 4 piece pop/punk/alt set from the lovely setting of Keighley in Yorkshire, we've had a few gigs now and are attempting...

The Benwahs

THE BENWAHS are a femme fronted punk band. We've appeared onscreen playing the SU:BAR on HOLLYOAKS, done loads of other shit...

Hello Bear

We're a 3 piece post-sadcore fun pop band from the fine city of Norwich!

Stay The Night

Happy song after happy song. We love pop punk!


Hailed for incredible live performances, Mutant Vinyl bring beats, hooks & black Saxophones

The Last Men

4 piece indie/electro with distopian lyrics about surplus man management. From North London

Nicky Ness

Just the best fuckin band in the world

Rhett Brewer

Rhett Brewer is a British-based composer and singer whose career began with the release of the collaborative album These Wings...


The boys formed as teenagers in 1999 and do all that they can to fly the flag for British talent. They work all day, party all...

Cardinal Jack

Agitated 3 piece indie/rock/dance outfit. Cardinal Jack's music goes BANG, BANG, BANG, SHOUT, BANG, SING, SING, BANG, BANG,...

Matt Belmont

Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Vagabond/Chancer based in Leeds, UK. Don't tell me I should go on X Factor...

Belle Cannon

I grew up in a very musical Irish American family so Country Music was always being played. I grew up listening to the likes of...

The Cry Baby

We are a bit weird but we mean well

Cyba-X (Live)

With an impressive arsenal of both electronic and acoustic instruments, Cyba-X's live sets burst with thrilling showmanship,...


Italian Rock'n'Roll band Since 1996.

L'orchestre de roche

From the energy of live guitars to the raging sound of sinths and electro-samplers , our music combines the heat of electro...