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The Special Ks

The Special Ks recorded their debut album BOA this year, They sold out their show at THE GREAT ESCAPE fest this summer and...

vienna ditto

Electronic blues band with spooky lady singin'. Championed by Huw Stephens, Tom Robinson and XFM's John Kennedy


And i'm well saucy.

The Whyrus

The Whyrus is a Swedish metal band, formed in the fall of 2008. Inspired by Metalcore, Nu Metal and Alternative Metal. The...

Yoyo Eskimo

Inspired by their love of electronic music and melded with their collective indie sensibilities, Yoyo Eskimo are an instantly...


hey, we are devices our names are Stephen, Andy, Anton and Stephen and we all come from glasgow. we enjoy playing and writing...

Peter Smart and the Blinking Lights

A satirical piece in the Times is one thing, but bricks and baseball bats really gets to the point I think

The Pantomime Villains

Formed in November 2010, The Pantomime Villains are a 4-piece Indie Rock/Alternative band from Margate, UK.


Ex Brit School Stuent, Good friends with Adele, Allan Rose has everything going for him. 2012 really is going to be his year.

Preachers Son

Preachers Son are Brian Hogan (Kíla), Emmaline Duffy-Fallon (previously of Engine Alley) and Tabby Callaghan (X-Factor)....

The Thespians

Liverpool based 4 piece, labelled as 'the UK's answer to The Strokes' and 'Just f**kin cool' by MTV New York

Bill Davro

Bill Davro are bringing Alternative Pop back to the underground. Combining Jazz and Jangle Pop infused rhythms with melodic...

The Spiels

Formed by Canadian Singer-Songwriter Ryan Lamey and British Singer-Songwriter/Producer Ben McGarvey, who were later joined by...

The Sundown Jam

We are a Brighton based band with a fresh sound infused with a blend of our eclectic musical interests. With hints of reggae,...

The Emerald Armada

Set off in 2010, The Emerald Armada have fist pumped and foot stomped around Ireland and Scotland. Playing shows with Apple Inc...

Miss Larri Gardet

A funky Dilicious Band Playing originals of funk and soul fronted by fiesty vocalist and songwriter amanda. Played at venues...


3 South Africans, 2 Irishmen playing American Rock, you just gotta listen!!

Ghost In Mirrors

Ghost in Mirrors is a 4piece prog band from Kent. The sound is reminiscent of Tool, with a healthy dose of electronic thrown in...

Salwa Azar

In the dark there will always be emotion. I make English Voodoo a blend of folk, world music and singer-songwriter observation...

After Eden

Lydia McAllister - Vocals / Becky East - Guitar - Find us on YouTube... www.youtube.com/LydiaEvangeline

Jamie Mac

British singer-songwriter Jamie Mac and Polish producer and musician Gerard Niemczyk began recording together in Poland in...