SupaJam Music

Galley Beggar

Our live performances bring the intensity of a rock band to electric folk. Harmony vocals, electric and acoustic guitars,...


Singer/Songwriter Sam Fitzpatrick fronts Folk/Alternative outfit Fitz., entwining intricate acoustic guitar with words sincere...


GraVil are a 5 piece metal band based in London, UK. The bands sound has been descibed by Rocksound Magazine as "Mixing up all...

Avenge Vulture Attack


Blackfoot Circle

Winners of Hard Rock Cafe’s UK Battle of The Bands 2011, Blackfoot Circle's goal is to now be the catalyst for the next shift...

Ben Jordan

Ben is an independent musician from Denver, Colorado who has been touring the world for the sake of the song.


Davy Lewis Smith (born on 10th August 1982) is an english musician residing in Dublin, singer/songwriter, guitarist and music...

Charlie Bath

Charlie’s own style of ‘acoustic -warrior’ packs a punch whether she is going solo or with a full band. Folk/Americana/blues

Evi Vine

Evi’s potent, dark and beautiful tones stretch flesh and sinew over the raw skeletal music. Isolation,sex,death, passion,...


Start date: 2008. At this very moment of their biography, Scotch Ale are exactly how they wish: happy and distilled. Recently...


We've been creating bombastic riffs, driving bass lines and booming drums since 2009, playing venues around Manchester, from...


A mix of punk, rock and folk, but unlike anything you've ever heard before!!!

Crash Artists

This Aint No Monopoly Darlin

Bei the Fish

The band comes from the teenage dream Benzona and moved into something completely different. Bei the Fish is created by...

Young Runaways

'Orchestral Alt Pop' - 'Mick Jagger body slamming the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' - NEW SINGLE 'CLOSER'

The Ramblers

Blues Rock band formed in Lisbon around February 2007 and based on the band's love for such different styles as Blues, R&B,...

History of the Trade

History of the Trade formed at the University of Kent and have released two EP's. Known for their energetic live shows the band...

The Morgans

Brother and Sister duo, The Morgans play original celtic soul. with belting vocals and astounding guitar.

Maps are Fiction

three northern lads meet in the sawdust and blood of an abattoir and form aband that delivers live what they record....

Friends In china

Friends In China have risen from the ashes of Iphigenie and will be here there and everywhere soon. We are from the ACM in...


'Ian Curtis and Morrissey’s bastard lovechild'