SupaJam Music

Mind the Step!

Mind the Step! se formó después de un viaje a Irlanda, con su primera canción: Dublin

Common Tongues

“LOVE Solitary Thinker, makes me think of The Doors and Bright Eyes (which equals awesome).” Kevin Hingley, Q Radio Feb 2013...

Tom Browning

Tom Browning is a solo artist from the forest of dean, blending acoustic, rock and pop all into one capturing a modern, yet...

Pirate Video Company

From Jersey, CI, an island that lacks a music scene, we relocated to Brighton and have supported Uffie as well as playing...

The Woo!worths

"Like a very up for it Hot Chip getting down with a synthed up Talking Heads and a less wibbly wobbly MGMT…..all too good"

ryan sheridan

Ryan Sheridan is an up and coming singer song writer from Monaghan in Ireland. His songs come from a personal prespective.His...

Eliza Shaddad

Some sweet guitar, striking singing and sad stories to move you.

O Emperor

Po is an imaginary friend that only exists in the mind of the child. When the child grows up, Po can no longer be seen (except...

Collectors Club

Polished, melodic indie-pop with catchy vocal hooks and big soaring choruses

Empire Signal

We make melodic songs and then coat them in layers of heavy drums, guitars, hammond, synths and pounding bass. Listen.