SupaJam Music

Pete Mac

Not your typical Singer/Songwriter Pete Mac has branched out from his band Paradox and taken his Alternative/ Grunge melodies...

In Isolation

In Isolation is a Noir Wave Indie band from Nottingham, influenced by the more underground post-punk sounds of the 80s plus...


Incredibly invetive alternative music, think fleet foxes meets incredible string band meets young mumford and sons

Guitars Have Ghosts

London based rock band with fingers in pies, feet in shoes & tunes in heads.


AtrosphinX was set up by guitarist Sten and lead vocalist Wolf in 2009. The London based band writes and plays its own brand of...

Loud Howard

Melodic-rockers formed in Australia, relocating to the UK in 2008 with their formidable live presence and explosive mix of...


We play guitars and guitar based music. Songs with influences from the 60s and Southern 70s.

Crow Black Chicken

Crow Black Chicken are a Blues/Rock Band from Ireland. Their music has been praised for its infectous grooves and progressive...

Stairs to Nowhere

things like karate, riots, crashing Tupolevs, and melting skin.

Louise Against The Elements

She's the funk poetess with a voice somewhere between Joni and Janis, and her band are a racket of raw soul power. Baby...

Jay Fraser

Left Australia to learn how to play, stayed in London to learn how to survive.