SupaJam Music

The Barlights

4 piece melodic rock/pop/country/folk band from Norwich who like long sentences and walks in the country.

Act Natural

Pit.Drink.Party. EXPECT SOME FUN!

Rob Cowen & The Dissidents

Weaving his plainspoken stories and visionary romanticism with dizzying cathedrals of sound, this Yorkshireman’s homebrew of...

Antóin Tomásach Mac Cormaic (Anton...

Just a solo singer who loves singing the traditional Irish folk songs he heard when he was a boy

Goodnight Astronaut

GNA formed winter 2011 Each member share a passion for Melodic Rock Alt Pop music. The bands debut EP continues to clime the...


Award winning five piece band from Wales UK, Its sound is rock with an underlying acoustic vibe!

Raising Maisie

The Raising Maisie entity is home to 4 minds. Max, Charlie, Tom and Zal. Their lust for strong hook driven melody forced with...

Aisling Quinn

Galway songstress, Aisling Quinn spent her formative years devouring music, without prejudice to particular styles or genres....

The Sirens Call

We have different styles within our arranged songs, styles being how we project a mental image into people heads when they...

The Little Kicks

The Little Kicks are a Scotland based band who are known for their upbeat, melodic, catchy indie pop songs.


England's best Electro Rave Punk band. Loud, fast, exciting and unpredictable. Tamakai are the soundtrack to the best party...


Recorded Live for JackFM in OxfordParanoia highlight soaring vocals and aching, crying guitars.

Bear in the Air

Bear in the Air formed in Oxfordshire in late 2006. Playing regular gigs at the local venues, they've been carefully honing...

Chasing Tigers

Three piece from Norwich in Norfolk

Ali Finneran

I'm a young singer-songwriter with heart felt lyrics and songs about life, love, politics and the world. I started a few years...

Beaky Sue

Beaky Sue writes sea faring, animal adventure stories, conjuring up images of sparrows in coats and little shrew boats.


came from Moscow 8 years ago to achieve singing career in London


KingOfTrash is a UK Singer/Songwriter. He has just released his debut album, Mythology, produced by Mark Gamble (Formerly of...

Stairs to Nowhere

things like karate, riots, crashing Tupolevs, and melting skin.

The New Objects

Exciting new 4 piece Alt / Rock band from Cardiff, Wales


Their music has been described as dreamy, atmospheric, delicate and at times epic. Laden with emotion and colour the band gives...