SupaJam Music

Wayside Kings

Four guys from Kent getting your heart on your sleeve and your feet on the floor with the poppier side of punk.


4 peice heavy indie from leicester uk!!

Blackfeet Revolution

"The band came into being just a few months ago and since then we have become something of a phenomenon. We've been great...

Sixteen Dead Men

This is a dead simple song. It's dedicated to the memory of Irena Sendler 1910-2008. Google her!


'A brilliant hard hitting catchy rock song with more guts to it than you would have thought you could get from a 3...

The Blueline 45

Blueline 45 have taken all the good bits from the last 5 decades of pop music and come up with a storming first track. A...

The Castells

We want to do rock & roll like the rolling stones did, that looked like fun


Rock like theres no tomorrow

Dead Saints

Magical music for beautiful people that girls can dance to while their boyfriends fight...

Susan Bluechild

Bluechild released her debut album to critical accalaim and the title track Sunrise hit the Neilson arplay chart at No.1...


Celtic-folk Americana, from London to Nashville, via Donegal!

Mariano Godoy

Inspired with sounds from american, tremolo based, surf music with uk brit pop influences, Caramelo is a powerful and intense...

Little girl Screaming

The first thing you notice is the energy. The band don’t just play their songs live, they attack them. And with the...

Bright Kicks

Bright Kicks deliver a Jazz/funk indie fusion that features the soul and class of James brown beat, early 90s funk/pop...


4 lost souls in a big city

Circus Envy

Folk in Hull

The Bearcreek Sessions

A positive, catchy and some say little pop song. Its the most pop i get as most of my influences are from alternative, country...

Madé J.

Denpasar rocker smashing out raw rock & billy punk garage!

The Peppermint Beat Band

"TPBB make giddy psychedelic folk rock, with a whorl of vertiginous guitar effects, Hammond swirls and harmonies. 2011 EP The...

City Of Lights

Acoustic Driven, Singer-Songwriter Material

Heroes Of A Ghost Town

Its a summer rock anthem! You can sing along, rock out or just chill. It covers a wide musical spectrum, making accessible to...