SupaJam Music

The Vertigos

We're a 5 piece Indie Alternative band from St. Albans, about to release our new ep rubix. Lovvving it

Talk In Code

Swindon based band driven by a guiding principal to combine the high energy euphoria and creative production of dance music...

The Invisible Gentry

The Invisible Gentry have a rich river of traditional British & Celtic folk running through their classically delivered, airy...

This City Is Ours

Fusing Rock with Electronica and then turning the tempo up, we aim to be a band that you can at one time dance yourself silly...

Katrin the Thrill

If you believe in dreams......you can vote for ours!


Another bunch of young fuckers sniffing glue and watching softcore girl-on-girl action, if you vote for us we promise world peace!


The British Green Day = Epic Rock n Roll

The New Inventions

Fusing catchy hooks with driving beats, The New Inventions are an exciting alternative rock band from Canterbury, UK.


''An intriguing mix of rock / groove sounds, seasoned with a blend of slow and deep psychedelic atmospheres'' ....Up to date,...

This City of Glass

Amongst the bustling streets, within the endless venues and underneath the predictable attitudes of Manchester's music scene,...

Florence Joelle

Over the past two years, Florence Joelle’s Kiss Of Fire have been blowing away audiences all over Europe it seems. Released...

Sarah Coloso

Vibrant rock 'n' soul with massive vocals.


Firelights are four Liverpool based guys who you would normally find wandering the streets looking for the next glass of...

Unquiet Nights

Unquiet Nights are a band with big ideas, big songs, and a big sound. With roots in Belfast and flavoured in London and Rome,...

Red Kid

nearly time for the lightning dash, I threw this motion to super fast, her bodies calling she' caught in by beam...

Nation of the State

We do what we do because we love it. We live this! Rock!!!!

The Spyro

Fresh and intensive indie rock from Finland The Spyro, a variant option to the anglosaxic indie scene from arctic latitudes,...

The Crave

The Crave are classic rock. Strong harmonies and their music has already been used in film and TV promos.


LOUDER were founded in 2006 stemming from an idea of three musicians coming from different musical experiences, but bound...

Peter Smart and the Blinking Lights

A satirical piece in the Times is one thing, but bricks and baseball bats really gets to the point I think

Cherry Bloom

A two-piece alternative rock band from Paris.