SupaJam Music

The Sundown Jam

We are a Brighton based band with a fresh sound infused with a blend of our eclectic musical interests. With hints of reggae,...

Elephant 12

For Fans of: NERD, Rage Against the Machine, Does It Offend you, yeah? Originating in the depths of London, the three piece,...

Symphony State

Coventry based 6 piece Alternative/Electronica band formed 2011.

Call Off The Search

A dynamic five piece band from the musical city of Liverpool with a genre of Alternative Rock music.

Blind Eye Fury

Reformed last year after the guitarist went mental on drugs. now were back, new line-up, new songs. Dirty riffs and sickening...

Sound Of Sirens

energetic electro rockers form leeds. big sound, chaotic gigs!

'til Dusk

After months of rehearsing, a wayward band from southern England became known as 'til Dusk, after they began to notice their...

The Rasites

RasItes are comprised of Jahmel Ellison {Lead vocals and Bass Guitar}, kashta Menelik Tafari {Lead vocals and Guitar}, Cyrus...

Bear in the Air

Bear in the Air formed in Oxfordshire in late 2006. Playing regular gigs at the local venues, they've been carefully honing...

Autumn Few

3 Piece rock outfit from the Garden of England


"Like an angular Elbow with Maccabees sensibilities and enormous choruses" GILL MILLS - BEST OF MYSPACE & NME RADIO


Lion was formerly a solo project and is now a 7 piece band from Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Line up of: Lead Vocals, lots of Backing...

Daniels & The Gold Seal

When your down and out music is the only compromise.

Gravity Is Dead

One of the UK's most promising new bands are set to explode in 2009 with their refreshing and authentic blend of energetic...

Laura Catlow

Blackpool based singer/songwriter. Acoustic, folk with a punk rock edge, cutting lyrics and sweet melodies.


Born in North London to a family of musos, thesps and artists, little Axe was brought up on a healthy diet of Bowie, Beatles...

Rich McMahon

Rich is a singer-songwriter and performs lively acoustic music with an Irish flavour. One of his compositions, 'Paddy's Day...

Them Philosophy

In 2005, pushed by its want to denounce a society loosing the sense of itself and its dignity, Ivo Di Marco conceived Them...

City Reign

Manchester based band who have set up our own label, Car Boot Records. We shall be releasing our next single May 9th.

Dead Social Club

Formed in South London in late 2009, Dead Social Club are a post-punk-inspired, six-piece electronic indie band. The most apt...

Circus Town

Birmingham trio Circus Town are a live force to be reckoned with, belting out their brand of dirty indie rock & roll with...