SupaJam Music

Kim Edgar

A warm and engaging live performer, Kim's songs combine compelling narratives and strong, piano-led melodies.

mitchell museum

this is the magic new sound of young scotland. this is the debut single from mitchell museum. a side 'warning bells'...

Third Light

The future is bright for Third Light, having stepped up their game in 2009. They are currently self-recording, engineering and...

mr bam morgan

singer songwriter from barnsley UK, i've been struggling trying to get my music out to people, i hope this works

The Silver Brazilians

Stripped to the chassis hoodlum rhythm & blues!


anti poverty song from scottish rock four piece Maranchez


Echodeck are an electronic/rock four piece. They aim to be the future sound of Manchester, by weaving dark electronica with...


We play expressive and cathartic outsider rock combining elements of progressive, punk, post punk, power-pop, jazz, metal and...


"When a flag flying ska colours got caught in a gust of grunge wind, a beam of light shot into the sky. With a skrunge cloud...

el Cartel

Happy indie pop track that makes us think of summer days in the city!


Plinn is the name of a Flamish dance. Originally, the band started as a folk band, consisting of Daniel on guitars, Doran on...

Million Faces

Blending catchy melody hooks and memorable guitar lines, together with an entertaining show. The aim is to write music that can...

The TwonEights

THE TWO N EIGHTS sound like the night before the morning after so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.


Crowne formed in Jersey Channel Islands in December 2008, ignited by a passion for music ranging from soul, indie and jazz to...

Friends In china

Friends In China have risen from the ashes of Iphigenie and will be here there and everywhere soon. We are from the ACM in...


An energetic act, fronted by a "Lady in a man's world", making sure their music is as epic as it's fun.It's all about having...


At 8.50 am july 7th 2005 "brain dead bastards" chose to try to "be martyrs for just one day". They failed...


a cheeky catchy reggae tune , when you hear this it will jump into your head in a instant .. summer / winter will play this...

Cat O'Connor

Cat O'Connor is a bubbly piano-pop singer/songwriter from Ascot in Berkshire. Having supported "The Rifles" and reaching...

The Faux Pas

The Faux Pas' sound is groove-centered, riff-based rock with catchy hooks and edgy themes. Think disco-beats and quirky guitars.