SupaJam Music

My Other Life

4 Northeast lads delivering a unique brand of anthemic crowd pleasing chorus laden piano indie-pop. Just back from 2011 UK Tour x

The Tapestry

Rebel-rousing, boy/girl sing-a-long, terrace chant, indie-pop

Cavan Moran

The missing link between The Pogues & Arcade Fire. You didn't even know there was one?


Quixote are a blues fuelled avant garde rock band from the UK, Spain, France, Russia and Germany who now ply their trade in...

Release the geese

Acoustic and groove driven honest music. With the funkiest rhythm section in the south east.

Teresa Disken

Clear toned Irish/London rock singer-songwriter, debut album Venus and the Director, funded by busking on the London...

Bang Bangs

Bottle Bang Bangs’ passion & energy on stage & you could blow up hell itself. Like Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Pixies wrestling naked in...


Formed in 2007 in London, 4 piece rock outfit MY PRESERVER sound somewhere between the ferocity of Nine Inch Nails and the...


Echodeck are an electronic/rock four piece. They aim to be the future sound of Manchester, by weaving dark electronica with...

The Queue

The Queue, from Southampton, provide the soundtrack to the youthful generation which crave that rock and roll nostalgia of a...

Stray Dogs

Foals called us 'The freshest sound of 2011' and the Kills said 'Best Live act we have seen this year' when they saw us last...

Austin/White (Navaro)

Steve Austin and Pete White are the songwriters behind acclaimed roots act, Navaro. Together with uk Country singer Beth Navaro...


KHY are a 3 piece male vocal group bought together by their one passion in life...their love of music. With their smooth...

Buffalo Riders

straight down the line original blues/stoner rock band, all been playing for a good number of years and joined forced in 2011...


From the first time Dollface faced their instruments in a dark, dank Brighton rehearsal room they always promised that they...

The Yossarians

Spawned from a much larger eclectic collective we believe in 'motion', travelling the world with our own drive and purpose....


A mix of punk, rock and folk, but unlike anything you've ever heard before!!!

Ego Trip

EGO TRIP deliver a no-holds-barred live set, leaving audiences involuntarily humming their catchy original songs.

my dyingDay

my dyingDay started in 2007 with the purpose of making great hard rock music. Not to make Metal or Pop-Rock, but real hard rock...

Indie Boys Are For Hot Girls

We are a band, we play music that makes us happy. Forget the name, listen to our music!

Picture Book

Eletronic Dance Music - Played Live.