SupaJam Music

Aye Aye

& Mark Ronson. http://www.myspace.com/ayeayeemitesonidos

An Accidental Modernist

This is the product of one girl, a laptop, some comic books and much, much tea. And sugar. Sugar and caffeine have much to do...

Coax Rhino

Formed in 2008, Coax Rhino is a indie/rock band from New Haven, CT

Joel Bailey

Singer / songwriter / one man band with blues and soul influences..

London City Sky

we're 5 guys who likes to play indie music!!! rock'on


Jawbreaking Rock

Riot on the 3rd Floor

We are 3 girls and 2 guys from all over the country. We all bring something different to the band. We are a mixture of Nu Wave...

The Dash

The Dash are a London based band of scruffy haired punks with hooks as sharp as their shoes and melodies as scuffed as their...

Toni Hoffmann Band

“Music is what you want it to be. I’m committed to music that reveals your inner self, music that reminds you of your desire...

Wide Sea

Wide Sea is a London-based four piece band formed by three brothers and their first cousin who have been performing together...

New Volunteer

New Volunteer is a five-piece alternative rock band of multi-instrumentalists from Bournemouth. This band is the brainchild of...


Post trip hop 3 piece made up from Lily Gaskell, Josh Butters and Daniel Wyatt

Tarq Bowen

21 Yr Old Singer Songwriter from Brighton. I express myself through my music.


Tank 86 is an heavy instrumetal 4-piece hauling from the Netherlands. They started in late 2004, with heavy riffs, psychedelic...

The Vanity Clause

We're a 3 piece electronic band from London, UK with joint male and female vocals specializing in frenzied analogue synth...

Ratty Little Fingers

The Ratty Little Fingers are an eclectic acoustic trio, playing anythign they can get hold of, biscuit tins, wooden boxes,...

The Einar Flaa Academy

This song is written to my childminder Laila. Thank you Laila fore giving me the inspiration!!

Doodle Fug

long 123


"Swaggering but never cocky, the band mix electronic pulses with big choruses, coming off like an early incarnation of Kasabian...

Georgie Vale

Female singer/songwriter, with "smokey english vocals". Songs have been describe as having a "sanguine simplicity" while...

As Thick As Thieves

We formed on 26th January 2011 from the remnents of the band formerly known as Thick As Thieves. Our music can best be...