SupaJam Music



This Is The Kit

Project of Kate Stables of the enchanted voice and hypnotic banjo/ electric guitar twanging patterns. Backed by feedback guitar...


We Need Heroes' was written by 'Lights' during 2008 as part of a session for an EP titled 'Into The...

el Cartel

Happy indie pop track that makes us think of summer days in the city!


We enjoy playing music that makes you smile, indie disco with colourful mic stands.

Coco Levie

Coco Levie AKA CocaJem having just rebranded and finished their debut EP with Cave Productions at Abbey Road are set for big...

The Smallvilles

After starting out in downtown Hull, The Smallvilles rose to the top of the indie rock scene in 2008 with their debut release,...


Catchy guitar riffs, creative drum work, great harmonies and sing-a-long melody lines.

Missing White Women

Make guitar driven music like The Smiths, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, The Velvet Underground, The White Stripes, Nirvana

The Dirty Angels

Ten years of splintered groups to find the perfect unison of talent to ego

Million Empire

fabulous mixture of schizophrenic dynamics, from quiet sobriety to modern infused rock. This track is the illegitimate...

Double MP

Portuguese Guitar mixed with Chillout music In 'Double MP' the Portuguese Guitar, an instrument with old and deep roots in...

Coax Rhino

Formed in 2008, Coax Rhino is a indie/rock band from New Haven, CT

The Other Tribe

"Cocky, rocky", fizzling with vitality and convulsive with energy, The Other Tribe entrap you in their dance inducing sound...

The Outcast Band

The Outcast Band bring a live performance like no other. The influences from folk, punk and rock are apparent but they have...

Tarq Bowen

21 Yr Old Singer Songwriter from Brighton. I express myself through my music.

Adam Barnes

Meloncholy Acoustic Folk - its uplifting, but in that downbeat kind of way


Four lads by the names of Dylan, Mike, Danny and Scott. We love writing big sounding rock songs and playing gigs!


Daytona are an original rock band based in London, Uk. In just the last year, the group has garnered a sizeable following in...


Hanshake are a 4 piece group from Dublin City, with a vibrant and thumping approach to music. Unhappy with repetitive,...

Archean Soundtrack

We're a five piece hard Rock band that fuses Rap with melodic choruses and chunky riffs!