SupaJam Music

Ben Willis

At my home in Wolverhampton, when I was about 17, so about 2 years ago- I discovered that writing songs was a great way to...

City 13

Putting 100% into everything, the band is an evolution from "Pharaoh" The name the band used from 2004-2007 before...


Play french rock. Winner on RTL2 and EUROPE2 contest in France. Powerfull, sentimental, generous, true. Enjoy!


A meltin'pot of new wave, tekno goth, rock sound. www.neracruz.com The concept Neracruz begins in London in 1995 with Raphael...


Harley Davidson used this track on their up coming ad campaign for their new range of bikes. Its hard and to the point!


Iris3, a progressive, alternative melodic rock 3 piece from Anglesey in North Wales. This dynamic 3 piece have been playing...

Davie Janeway

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride!

Morning Lane

Melodic, emotive and raw....

Rather Sound Than Safe

In an age when many (new) electronic acts look to copy the sounds of predecessors in their field of musical expertise, Rather...

Kentish Fire

An indie-disco sonic militia from Camden - fuelled with brash guitar riffs, overdriven staccato synths, pumped-up bass lines...

Fin Raziel

Hailing from the rural outskirts of Bath, Fin Raziel broke into the space disco scene in 2008 with their debut EP, Disaster....

Tall Poppies

Super Sexy Australian Twins Sing about the harsh realities of unrequited love in a bent folk-pop anthem. All the good ones are...


No matter what you might think, the hardest thing for a rock band is to find the right people. Macrophone was founded in the...


Their music has been described as dreamy, atmospheric, delicate and at times epic. Laden with emotion and colour the band gives...

Alexandra Legouix and the Sunflowers

Alexandra Legouix and The Sunflowers! have created a sophisticated but accessible fusion of latin, jazz, soul, reggae and pop...

Wings of Pegasus

Discovered by producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Robbie Williams, Oasis and more) WoP have been together for about a year...


Vote for the coolest Band in Spain, electro rock influenced by artist like Depeche Mode

Dead Men's Tales

True pirate rock for swashbucklers 'n' buccaneers - rock yer skulls!


roadside make happy tunes, with a soulful feel.


London based singer/songwriter. Sounds somewhere between Sia, Sade, Dido and Imogen Heap.

The Woodbines

5 piece trad/fusion band who provide the unique blend of pop/punk rythm section with Irish taditional music