SupaJam Music

Jack in Water

Jack in Water are a five piece alternative folk band from Essex. We play a mixture of melodramatic folk and electronic music....

Picture Book

Eletronic Dance Music - Played Live.

Star of 59

ABOUT STAR OF 59 - Fast preceding the rumblings of many of South Wales local talent Star of 59 have emerged as a prominent...

Amy Sawers

Amy Sawers fronts a dirty-country-garage band with powerful soaring vocals, 3-part harmonies and hooky melodies...

Liquid Fuse

LIQUID FUSE are the definition of Rock ‘N’ Roll” – that’s how Little Bear Promotions put it. Hailing from Sussex, UK, played at...

The Fruitful Earth

Wired & wonderful, full tilt rock n roll & the sweetest songs.

Charlie & The Martyts

Formed by Birmingham’s own Charlie Jones (BBC Singer/Songwriter of the Year - Finalist 2008) and some of Nottingham and...

Daisy Cutter

After 1.5 year promoting our last album we're back in studio. Recording the follow-up. Getting ready to hit the road next year.

Act Natural

Pit.Drink.Party. EXPECT SOME FUN!


Motorama is a young Russian new-wave group inspired equally by romanticism of the eighties and the electronic minimalism....

The Bottlenex

Gritty ska/rockabilly infused UK punk rock from the suburban wastelands of Britains most intollerant cities!


Lameck: the new sound of Sao Paulo!


Ex Brit School Stuent, Good friends with Adele, Allan Rose has everything going for him. 2012 really is going to be his year.

Silver Magic Ships

Silver Magic Ships deliver an exhilarating mix of tempered rock n roll and infectious melodic indie rock



Rogue Nouveau

ROGUE NOUVEAU is the alter-ego of singer/songwriter/MC -Natalia Sheppard (aka MC TALI) and this project is a fusion of her love...


AtrosphinX was set up by guitarist Sten and lead vocalist Wolf in 2009. The London based band writes and plays its own brand of...

Small town Jones

“Pouring his life into his music is what South West based Small town Jones does best. Honest, emotional glimpses of moments...

Cyba-X (Live)

With an impressive arsenal of both electronic and acoustic instruments, Cyba-X's live sets burst with thrilling showmanship,...


Midnight Arcade are a four piece rock band from Essex. In three years as a band they've toured and played shows with INME,...

Hail To The Eskimo

Hail to the Eskimo write songs that are upbeat bundles of sonic energy reflecting the stranger parts of life and love with a...