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We are LEIKA - a London-based band formed in 2009. Like most bands, we can go on about how brilliant we are...but we wont....

Marina Florance Band

A band you need to see play 'live :)

Jack in Water

Jack in Water are a five piece alternative folk band from Essex. We play a mixture of melodramatic folk and electronic music....


5 Piece band as young as 17 years old to 20 already conquered itunes, amazon and play.com and all good record stores around the...

Tiger Lilly

Tiger Lilly is a quirky acoustic pop/rock artist with Persisan rootes

The Dash

The Dash are a London based band of scruffy haired punks with hooks as sharp as their shoes and melodies as scuffed as their...

Tanya & The Sapphire Stones

Tanya & The Sapphire Stones are already receiving extended play on BBC's introducing, an eclectic pop/soul & funk infused...


Formed in late 2009, Atlantic, are an indie-rock four piece comprising completely of Sheffield-based university students. Their...

Common Sounds

We're a three piece rock band from Essex, aged 18-19, check us out!

The Interpreters

Formed in early 2004 by Will Birkbeck and Mike Prada The Interpreters are a great band of young things from Norwich that...


Recorded Live for JackFM in OxfordParanoia highlight soaring vocals and aching, crying guitars.

The Rasites

RasItes are comprised of Jahmel Ellison {Lead vocals and Bass Guitar}, kashta Menelik Tafari {Lead vocals and Guitar}, Cyrus...


KINKY RETRO burst onto the scene after "Fil le Rouge", a night in Bornem's Cultural Center in Belgium.Kinky Retro...


Get us to the festival, we will rock your little asses off and be sure to give something back to the guys who voted for us!


Take one smooth pop crooner and add a bit of grit, crack open a blues guitarist that's never permitted to play the blues and...


“ These Guys are going somewhere, make sure they take you with them” - Paul Jones BBC Radio 2 Albany Down in Live Session

The Vaudeville Class

These Vaudevillians straddle a tight-rope between genres so that all music fans can come together and enjoy music as it is...


Cubrik came together in summer 2008 with the idea of bringing frenetic progressive rock to a clich driven indie scene. They...

addy oldman

addy oldman singer musician songwriter

Painted People


Red Cells

“Listen to to the session tracks they recorded for Tom Robinson's 6Music show and you'll really get a full measure of this duo....