SupaJam Music

The Dash

The Dash are a London based band of scruffy haired punks with hooks as sharp as their shoes and melodies as scuffed as their...

The Little Kicks

The Little Kicks are a Scotland based band who are known for their upbeat, melodic, catchy indie pop songs.

The Lucky Strikes

The Lucky Strikes are a rock and roll Americana band which delivers tales of outlaws, low lifers and chain gangs through an...

Likely Lads

Likely Lads focus on making guitar driven songs for crowds to dance to - catchy riffs and brutally honest outspoken lyrics

Young Runaways

'Orchestral Alt Pop' - 'Mick Jagger body slamming the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' - NEW SINGLE 'CLOSER'

Taming The Savage

It started out as a solo acoustic act under the name of Josh Savage. Then there was a time for change, fellow University of...

i said yes

From humble beginnings busking on a bridge over the river Thames and playing their first gig in a dark art college bar in...


Rock like theres no tomorrow


CLEERE. "So Talented" (Daily Mail) Beautiful Storytelling. "Boomingly Satisfying" (Hotpress). Real song written from the heart.

Drag Your Heels


Klak Tik

Creating genre-dodging alternative/orchestral/experimental folk, Klak Tik is the brainchild of Soren Bonke, a...

The Vertigos

We're a 5 piece Indie Alternative band from St. Albans, about to release our new ep rubix. Lovvving it


Eastern European Contemporary Folk

Riot on the 3rd Floor

Three girls, two boys from all corners of the country, brought together in Norwich by damn good timing and mixed musical...

Shawn Harvey and B57

Shawn Harvey is an established UK singer, songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He has a large...

New Mind Line

In early 2009 five guys got together with a mutual love of music, each with different musical influences. 3 members, guitarists...


Five guys started jaming tougether in Desember 2005. We formed Mecalimb around x-mas. In Feb. we entered the Emergenza music...

Silver Foxes

Silver Foxes are an exciting, young Indie act. Their distinctive, original, well-crafted sound belies a musical maturity that...

Ghost In Mirrors

Ghost in Mirrors is a 4piece prog band from Kent. The sound is reminiscent of Tool, with a healthy dose of electronic thrown in...



Mazarine Blue

Described as if "Merle Haggard joined the Velvet Underground", Mazarine Blue play americana influenced alternative-rock.