SupaJam Music

Disco Machine Gun

Disco Machine Gun are a Beat-Fuelled Guitar/House 5 Piece from West Yorkshire... Their Live sets have been described as a Riot...


In their Live performances, SLYDIGS have managed to ensnare not only the belle époque of the Northern Music Scene, but also...

'til Dusk

After months of rehearsing, a wayward band from southern England became known as 'til Dusk, after they began to notice their...

jess hall band

jess hall band are 4 18 year olds from Wiltshire fronted by the golden voice of Jess Hall. Influenced by Bon Iver, iron and...

Dan Korn & The Choppy Waters

This Summer the Dan Korn duo became a trio with the addition of a bass guitar, some slick harmonies and occasionally, 'a bit of...

The Vehicles

Raised from the debris of battered vinyl, crumpled CDs and broken tapes!

The Van Allen Belt

The Van Allen Belt, a group of widespread and pocketed renown, take several diverse musical styles to their penultimate using a...

The Morgans

Brother and Sister duo, The Morgans play original celtic soul. with belting vocals and astounding guitar.

Sian Cross

Siân Cross was born on a leap day, 29th February 1984. With a beautiful, affecting voice, and honest, direct lyrics, she’s one...

The Dirty Angels

Ten years of splintered groups to find the perfect unison of talent to ego

thee deadtime philharmonic

Part of the 'strummerville' family (the joe strummer foundation for new music). Toured with mick jones(the clash) Recentley...


Think of an upbeat Nick Cave crossed with a slightly depressed Freddie Mercury

Model Radio

Following sold out gigs in their hometown and supports with The Twang, Sunshine Underground, Does It Offend You? and Scouting...

David J Harvey

David and Liz formed to make a mixture of melody and meancholy.


youthful tribal collective with more textures than the sistine chapel ceiling

Davie Janeway

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride!

Antonio Lulic

British, deep voiced and gravel-throated North-Eastern singer-songwriter. Energetic, passionate and powerful on stage. Ed...


Ukrainian post-rock, ambient, indie band based in 2010 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The ensemble was formed by two musicians of ”45 EN“...


Started in 2006, playing live since september 2007. Did 25 shows in that short time already! Recorded promo CD in March, soled...

Ben Slade

A Hackney kid who likes pretending to be a musician.


Alt Rock band from Halifax with a 'clasic rock inspired style fused with dark and moody vocals'