SupaJam Music

James and The peach

James Broughton is one of the brightest Singer-songwriter-guitarists on the contemporary UK music scene, front man of...

The Laurels

The Laurels were formed in the summer of 2006 in Kent.Their music had been described by some as indie rock n roll with a heavy...

Red Kid

nearly time for the lightning dash, I threw this motion to super fast, her bodies calling she' caught in by beam...

recs of the flesh

massimo usai, sara melis, petr studihrad, federico loche: recording the flesh in 2011 - the threat remains and is very real


mix of electronic beats blended with distorted guitars and a voice reminiscent of Rob Zombie... Guaranteed to make you dance,...


This is our first single. It's a bit like The Kooks


Volcanoes are glam-rock Freakbeat - quote NME


'A textbook execution of the total eyelash-batting vapidity of good pop, this is Duran Duran for the modern age....

The Scandal

It's uber contagious blues-bopping, gritty indie-rock that howls like B.B King yet sounds as modern as it can. A fantastic...

Van Susans

6 fine looking creatures from South East London playing piano melodic rock music that'll move your soul or move your feet..

Cop on the Edge

They’re Donna Summer milking cows with The Fall. They’re holding the dartboard while Duran Duran and Magazine play for the...

Randolph's Leap

Randolph's Leap are a Glasgow-based figment of your imagination.

The Uglytown

A nervous track from 4 young french boys. You just have to listen.

The 1,2,3,4s

This track can only be described as Symphonic pop! Though none of the members of The 1,2,3,4s grew up in Manchester (UK) they...

Flute of Shame

Flute of Shame is an acoustic trio made up of Koop Arponen (Finnish Idols winner 2008), James Lascelles and Dane Steafniuk....

Always Awake

Emotive, anthemic rock with universal resonance

jon kendall

Jon Kendall along with backing vocalist Amy provide a catchy, funky acoustic sound with memorable melodys and beautiful harmonies!


Here you will get to experience korea, a concept that was created during long moments of silence and full thrust jam sessions....

New Volunteer

New Volunteer make music that rushes toward you with an urgency, like a close friend needing to talk. Its pop music with ruff...


'Cold outside, bad mood, Clearwood put a smile on my face' - Will Walder, BBC Introducing

The Woo!worths

"Like a very up for it Hot Chip getting down with a synthed up Talking Heads and a less wibbly wobbly MGMT…..all too good"