SupaJam Music

Polaroid 85

7 piece folky down-tempo/electronica band who fuse elements of classical & jazz with world beats, drum and bass and broken beat.

James Kelly

High Energy Flamenco Blues Singer/Songwriter from Manchester UK. 'One mindblowing concoction of sound' - High Voltage.

Lindsay D'arcy

Lindsay, is a songwriter who has had two previous record deals which both ended badly in the 90's. These days, his...

Hana b

The name HANA B derives from their fascination of Japanese director Takeshi Kitano's most famous movie with the same name. In...


Mrz.Crocodile,dúo formado en Zaragoza por Carla y Julia,en 2007.Se conocen en 2003,mientras estudian sus carreras de Piano y...

Doll And The Kicks

Doll and The Kicks are a four piece indie pop/rock band that have been tearing up the sound waves in Brighton with an ever...

The Trade

The Trade are a young 5 piece Rock band who have been making waves in the North East of Scotland.

The Van Allen Belt

The Van Allen Belt, a group of widespread and pocketed renown, take several diverse musical styles to their penultimate using a...


Songs for dreamers with no dream factory...

The Medullary Paralysis

Music begins to atrophy when it departs too far from dance; poetry begins to atrophy when it gets too far from music.