SupaJam Music


Pippo and Dali are childhood friends. They are painting music and living in South London.

Daniel Land and the Modern Painters

From the most recent EP "Imagining October," You can't help but think they're a band the late John Peel...

Stereo Influence

Indie/Rock/Pop band from Cheltenham with a unique identity. Future album includes artists such as Glenn Matlock (The Sex...

Soapy Jefferson

soulful blues/roots from the murky heart of Croydon


With the ages between 14 and 18 years old this girls full of talents are ready to "fight" the music world. The...

Cast Of Thousands

Europhoric emotion filled musical shards of life

Black Bonds

Black Bonds have taken influence from some old school Rock n Roll to produce a BIG new sound. With their first EP just around...


These five ladies captivate their audience with their Deftones-esque vocals and metal inspired riffs. Their live show delivers...


Smudge, from Wigan, England (UK) formed back in 2004! Since the release of their debut EP "StayFeelRegret" in Sept...

Rising Tide

Having already been championed by fanzines from their hometown of Brighton, Rising Tide continue to impress professionals and...