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Rootsy with a distinctive edge.

Odeon Beatclub

Scotlands best kept secret. Odeon Beatclub are a Glasgow four piece that have been quietly building a fanbase for the last two...


9mary is the recording name of singer/songwriter Flo Morrissey. She is joined by her brother Fitz who writes, sings and plays...

Wonder Rubber Stars

Wonder Rubber Stars is a band from the north of Denmark formed in the year 2005. The band counts four members with an average...


Digamma, a Portuguese rock band who have just release their 1st Album "Guidance", currently touring nationally. Spain and...


Relief, freshly formed in 2009, have already made MAJOR steps in the music world. Being from Dublin Ireland, the band won 'Best...

Splash Macadam

The energy and freshness of those three multiple influences music passionate (among which Indie, and Blues) brings back to the...


"Astonishingly well-observed resurrection of late-period psychedelia party anthems pomped up through a glam-rock filter"...

Jay Leighton

Jay Leighton is a troubadour who travels the country in search of audiences and stages. He usually finds them.


Formed in the Summer of 2011, Echofield have been making a splash ever since!