SupaJam Music


FREESPIRIT's a group from Hampshire who plays their own mix of Britpop & Alt. Rock.A young band but with big ambitions, they've...

Sweet Jane

Irish psych-rockers noted for strong songwriting + dual male/female vox + strong live show now recording album 2 having played...

Disko Drunkards

The best new band around.. So Who You Gonna Call ? Disko Drunkards !

Aisling Quinn

Galway songstress, Aisling Quinn spent her formative years devouring music, without prejudice to particular styles or genres....

Mark Nichols

I am an Acoustic Artist in the UK. Over the past year I have support many high profile artists, had 2 UK tours, secured an...

chasing cadence

We're are Chasing Cadence. For more information hit play.


4 lost souls in a big city

Indie Boys Are For Hot Girls

We are a band, we play music that makes us happy. Forget the name, listen to our music!


"F*cking brilliant!" James Nesbitt, actor

Amazing Apples

The Amazing Apples are a Galway based band. They formed around Christmas 2007. Previously they played in different bands...