SupaJam Music

The Marshall Arts Family

"Folk music kicked up the arse." The Marshall Arts Family are a rising star on the London underground music scene, renowned for...


After winning the T4 Hollyaoks music show competiton and appearing on national TV, the band were signed to Fierce panda Records...

Tiger Lilly

Tiger Lilly is a quirky acoustic pop/rock artist with Persisan rootes

This City Is Ours

Fusing Rock with Electronica and then turning the tempo up, we aim to be a band that you can at one time dance yourself silly...

Goodnight Astronaut

GNA formed winter 2011 Each member share a passion for Melodic Rock Alt Pop music. The bands debut EP continues to clime the...


possible(ly) musicians. playing since 2011.

Arp Attack

After an impressive string of performances that had seen this talented trio perform alongside the likes of Delphic, Chew Lips,...

Big Wave

Big Wave bring summer songs to love, sing and dance to, with jangly guitars, lush harmonies and giant smiles.


Indie, acoustic, Rock/pop, love to perform and get a crowd on their feet.

The Red Velvetines

We're all about the rock, roll, and battered mars bar blues!

Rory Butler

Rory Butler is a songwriter. In the first half of 2011, Rory completed his debut album, 'Naked Trees' just weeks before his...

The Ely Plains

The Ely Plains playGrapes Of Wrath influenced "Alternative Dustbowl" music fusing traditional folk instrumentation with soaring...

London City Sky

we're 5 guys who likes to play indie music!!! rock'on

Crafty freddie

A four piece female fronted band who play original, energetic, lyrical and infectious music. They have been together since...

Up Down Go Machine

Three Piece Live act. Great enthusiasm and energy on stage. Tight and catchy melodies with a over all powerful sound.


It's a original song with a poem from a north-American Indian tribe that says:Ancient mother I hear your calling / Ancient...

The Tapestry

Rebel-rousing, boy/girl sing-a-long, terrace chant, indie-pop

Daniels & the Goldseal

When your down and out music is the only compromise.

The Mountaineering Club

The Mountaineering Club are an electronic/post rock band who create music best described as widescreen


Motorama is a young Russian new-wave group inspired equally by romanticism of the eighties and the electronic minimalism....


Nedry are Ayu , Ekocam and Earthkeptwarm. Following a series of internet based interactions between 2007 and 2008, the...