SupaJam Music

Sound of The Sirens

3 girls, 2 guitars, 1 stomp box - redefining the genre 'girl band'

The Musgraves

We're a roots pop band from the Midlands! Check us out on Facebook. Our single is out now, download it from itunes.

Jonny Tristram

Jonny's songs are a testimony of a life dedicated to music

Rich McMahon

Rich is a singer-songwriter and performs lively acoustic music with an Irish flavour. One of his compositions, 'Paddy's Day...

The Hope Rebellion

The Hope Rebellion are the brightest prospect to come out of London in a long time, mixing dark melancholy with twisted lyrics...


Based in Hamburg, Germany, with Band members from Ireland, France, Chile, Germany. Check out the iManClan vibes...original...

Alexa Merlot

Ireland `05. Pen, Piano, Voice, Ambition. London`08-`11. Music degree, Midi keyboard, Logic Pro, and a musical mind. 'My life...

Hello Bear

We're a 3 piece post-sadcore fun pop band from the fine city of Norwich!

Heroes Of A Ghost Town

Its a summer rock anthem! You can sing along, rock out or just chill. It covers a wide musical spectrum, making accessible to...

Rhino & The Ranters

Rhino & The Ranters is a full bodied and flavourful maelstrom made with a roux of skiffle/bluegrass/rockabilly/cow-punk; tinged...


In their Live performances, SLYDIGS have managed to ensnare not only the belle époque of the Northern Music Scene, but also...




& bass band hailing from Manchester, UK. Writing tracks live as they play, they provide audiences with styles varying from...

she's a boy

4 nutty Parisian indie popsters with great hooks and awesoem songs

Black Sun (UK)

Black Sun. Pedal to the metal Rock n Roll melting your face. Born of the groove rider, cats of the night. A shadow faced super...

All Souls Avenue

5 Young gents from the small City of Lincoln, All Souls Avenue blend all those familiar sounds you love into...

The Hush

4 Piece Pop Rock from Nottingham, Writing a perfect mix of Pop melodies with big rock Chorus' Sparking up a lot of interest in...


In Control - is what we wanna be when she breaks up with you!

Rob The Rockstar

Rob The Rockstar is a artist/producer from Harlem in N.Y.C. His music is a fusion between hip hop,rock,funk and new wave.His...


Flute: Simon Jensen, Trumpet: Mårten Larsson, Guitar: Svenna Granit, Bass: Björn Nyberg, Drums: Håkan Åkerblom Please visit...

Coax Rhino

Formed in 2008, Coax Rhino is a indie/rock band from New Haven, CT