SupaJam Music

Sister Rose

4 piece band from Middlesbrough, Shared stages witht he likes of Miles Kane, Cast, Kitty Daisy and Lewis.

Sunday People

The story of this particular band is not what you might call ordinary. While the whole world triggers garage bands into the...

Will Kevans

Will Kevans is a UK-based singer-songwriter and master of the catchy pop tune and lyric. His song, ‘Dialling Tone’, recently...

Jet Set Radio

We are Jet Set Radio, from Dublin, Ireland. We write and play the music that we want to hear! Boom

Howlin' Hootin' Owls

We bring blues and boogie to shake your booty, delicate acoustic finger picking to ease your mind, some chain gang whalin’ and...

The Black Dove Experiment

We make dark cinematic shoegaze soundscapes and live within epic reverbs and synth littered walls of sound


Start date: 2008. At this very moment of their biography, Scotch Ale are exactly how they wish: happy and distilled. Recently...

Little girl Screaming

The first thing you notice is the energy. The band don’t just play their songs live, they attack them. And with the passion...

Andy Muscat

Nostalgic Indie Singer Songwriter from Portsmouth

Ease Springs

Ease Springs are an original band from Essex, currently touring London & the south east. The band are soon to embark on a UK...

Bocs Social

This song will make you dance! If you like to dance vote for us please!

South Finesse

Childhood friends and Essentially commercial hip hop, but never afraid to try something new, the group experiment in a variety...


An alternative/hard rock band from Hastings, UK. Influences from across the years combining to produce a unique modern rock sound.

Amy Sawers

Amy Sawers fronts a dirty-country-garage band with powerful soaring vocals, 3-part harmonies and hooky melodies...

Bye Bye Candy

BYE BYE CANDY is a new born wild child, composed by LAURA, STEPHANE and GREG. Lava in our veins and brains is made of dynamite...

Hello Bear

Pop Rock / Indie band from Norwich, Norfolk. Bringing the fun back to music since 2010.

The Barlights

We play the type of music to calm down the beasts in front of us and the even scarier ones in our heads.

Ka tet

This three piece alternative rock group from the west of Ireland have been playing all over the country since early 2008....

The Luck

Emerging acoustic duo of London-based brother and sister, Max and Esmay Luck. Currently launching their first EP, 'Bricks',...

Just Me Again

Hello and Welcome To The Magical Mystical Land Of Just Me Again! We are a young Pop Punk/Alternative band from London with a...


Formed in 2005, Seldon is dead-set on changing with the world with music they have brought forth. Aggressive. Heavy.