SupaJam Music


brainy, electronic punk-rock music from Hungary with american singer.

robert james selby

Robert James Selby was born and raised in west and south yorkshire, while playing gigs around liverpool, leeds, sheffield,...


“CRUKE” adj. - A state of being. The evolution of mind and music. CRUKE was formed in late 2008 by 2 friends who discovered...

Nick Whitehorn

I am a singer/songwriter from Manchester and love music of all sorts! Playing/performing/producing are all things I'm involved in.

Up Down Go Machine

Three Piece Live act. Great enthusiasm and energy on stage. Tight and catchy melodies with a over all powerful sound.

Ayesha V Jeffreys

Rockin' live country twangy blues, sweet n' sticky sexy soul, n' a little bit of lyrical down home alt country thrown in for...


Crowne formed in Jersey Channel Islands in December 2008, ignited by a passion for music ranging from soul, indie and jazz to...

The Cry Baby

We are a bit weird but we mean well

The Bottlenex

Gritty ska/rockabilly infused UK punk rock from the suburban wastelands of Britains most intollerant cities!

Polly and the Billets Doux

Winchester-based band who have been called "a harmony blend of folk, soul, blues and gospel" by The Sunday Times.

Ocean Cloud

We’re Ocean Cloud. We are from Parma but we sound Mancunians. Try us!!

The Late Twos

The Late Twos, are a lively five piece indie outfit from Belfast. Check us out at www.facebook.com/thelatetwos

Chris Tye

Chris Tye marries delicate, gorgeous indie-folk with a city-dwelling, carefree romanticism.

My Other Life

4 Northeast lads delivering a unique brand of anthemic crowd pleasing chorus laden piano indie-pop. Just back from 2011 UK Tour x


Born in North London to a family of musos, thesps and artists, little Axe was brought up on a healthy diet of Bowie, Beatles...

Just Russell

This self penned track sums up the new sound the band is looking to project to its growing audience. It reflects the growing...


Between us we've played about 2500 gigs in various bands. We're all between 19 and 23 and spend 5 days a week working for the...

The Roves

We started in the friern barnet suburb of London, and gained prominence as we achieved our goal of playing a gig every day, so...


Wasting our own time in our own way

mitchell museum

Splattering the more instantaneous moments of Animal Collective, Flaming Lips and Modest Mouse Pollock-style onto a fluorescent...