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Plus Lottus

Insanity is just a game, in which even children can play! Check out "Mindgames", our dance beat to insanity and let...


It takes a band with real self assurance to attempt power-pop with the grandeur of U2 but its something that Futuretown do with...


Digamma, a Portuguese rock band who have just release their 1st Album "Guidance", currently touring nationally. Spain and...


This is our first single. It's a bit like The Kooks

quiet rebellion


Driving By Night

"This is one of those rare tracks that is so filled with atmosphere... a brilliant effort from the Irishmen who no doubt...

Micro Wave Oven

Micro Wave Oven is the new hope of Electro Pop Punk music, this band endorsed by tv, press, radios, and others is ready to make...

Dark Patrick

Actively touring Ukraine, U.K and Russia this Ukrainian/English duo never fails to grab and keep the attention of all kinds of...


Just me and my guitar

Sky Architects

On a cold and wet October day in 2007 five young musicians met up to form the greatest band in the world. They quickly...


Depression is one to avoid, with a sy and groan pleplexed, annoyed. With a climps of hope we rise to the occasion That Life is...

Ocean Cloud

We’re Ocean Cloud, a foursome from Parma; Pier Francesco Gasparini (lead vocals and guitar), Giacomo Calestani (lead guitar),...

White Pilots

White Pilots are on the move. Their first single is out under independent label MC9 and available on Itunes and Spotify. Tracks...

Friends In china

Friends In China have risen from the ashes of Iphigenie and will be here there and everywhere soon. We are from the ACM in...


Epic Indie Pop music with big guitars and synths.


Jawbreaking Rock

Live Politics

rock n soul

Half French

Passion for overdriven indie lead us to this point, check it out!