SupaJam Music


Athos infuse an intriguing drum and bass collaboration with heavy yet uplifting guitar passages and a high range vocal with...

John E Vistic Experience

John E. Vistic boasts the sort of whisky-drenched vocal and hypnotic stage presence that make him the natural successor to...

This Wicked Tongue

4 pals avoiding pigeonholes and rocking out. Hooks and balls!

The Morgans

Brother and Sister duo, The Morgans play original celtic soul. with belting vocals and astounding guitar.

Black Candy Store

Powerful, passionate with an unusual mix of melody and energy. These are the first reactions listening to Black Candy Store. So...

Hello Bear

We're a 3 piece post-sadcore fun pop band from the fine city of Norwich!

Rhys Williams

Rhys is a Welsh singer songwriter based in London. He's sung in the Albert Hall, recorded at Abbey Road and once played the...

The Kicks

We are a band from Gillingham in the Medway Towns and have been gigging for a few months, progress has been surprisingly quick...

Danny Fontaine & The Horns Of Fury

A classic rock and roll line up plus a four-horned kitchen sink attack unleashed for your aural pleasure. Jesus Christ...

No Frogs For Dinner

Being one of our more quieter numbers we still poured all our hearts and soul into this tune and you can hear it - its...

Magden Audio

Catchy pop Rock - Played with the likes of Straight Lines, The Xcerts, People In Planes, Attack! Attack! UK and many more

Stone Sun

Dynamic live performances with an authentic sound and heart felt lyrics. See us to believe it

Daisy Cutter

After 1.5 year promoting our last album we're back in studio. Recording the follow-up. Getting ready to hit the road next year.


Formed in March 2011 the Go-Zilla three piece from Kent have strived to produce a fun mix of rock, trance and dance.


Explosive in every way, from their face-to-face punk rock attitude to their infectious blend of modern anthemic rock with...

The Tempus

"Imagine The Verve crossed with Led Zeppelin, plus searing Neil Young solos" - The Guardian


Effluence are a dark punk/grunge band from Lancashire. Recently signed to Music Cuisine. Having toured around England for the...

The Roves

We started in the friern barnet suburb of London, and gained prominence as we achieved our goal of playing a gig every day, so...

Wheres Billy

Hailing from Kent, Wheres Billy are a dynamic passionate 5 piece Alternative Rock band that will blow you away live and on...

Hail To The Eskimo

Hail to the Eskimo write songs that are upbeat bundles of sonic energy reflecting the stranger parts of life and love with a...

Fantasy's Child

Fantasy's Child are a two-piece band based in Cardiff, Wales, currently finishing their third year at Cardiff University,...