SupaJam Music

Full on Mighty Riders

Armed with a few chords and the truth.....the change starts here..........

Ice Station Zebra

Pitched somewhere between the primal pulse of Neil Young and the shimmering atmospherics of Pink Floyd, Ice Station Zebra...

Amber States

Great hooks, sing along killer songs, great festival band. These guys have a fantastic stage presence. Seen to be believed.

Release the geese

Acoustic and groove driven honest music. With the funkiest rhythm section in the south east.


We're all music students at the university of Northampton, this is what we enjoy

the day of the rabblement

The Day of the Rabblement are a six piece, female fronted indie-folk band from Portsmouth. We value our lyrics as much as we do...

Es Muss Sein

My name is Poppy Wilson (Es Muss Sein) and I am an acoustic singer/songwriter based in Kent. I simply think that pen and paper...


Alternative/Rock band originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, now located in the U.K. Check us out at...


glorious string driven warped disco with sixties samples from the wonderful scott walker

Luva Gunk

As a band we have been described as the 'best unsigned band in the UK'....we simply just enjoy playing so accolades mean...

Luke De-Sciscio

Imagine a voice so honest it speaks directly to your soul, effortlessly conjuring up a sense of delicate splendour through...

tom burton

tom burton makes groovy retro acoustic dub blues

Like Spinning

Norwegian singer/songwriter Kari Jahnsen combines ethereal vocals with melancholy indie in the East London based band, Like...

The Blackwater Caravan

we just want to make really good music

The Cahier Collection

The Cahier Collection are a Belfast Based band who have been described as 'one of the emerging greats of the Northern Irish...


Inukshuk offers songs ranging from acoustic intimacy to towering melancholy. 'Paint' is typical of the feints that...

axis mundi

Psychedelic raverock quintet from the Midlands. Bringing rave to the rock stage

Mind For Murder

Bristol based metal band featuring the unrelenting force of ex-Clockwork Sniper members Dean Jordan & Richard White, all fused...

Calvin Prior & The Riderbacks

Calvin Prior is a notorious guitar player within the music industry and has been noted to have have skills way beyond his...

Common Sounds

We're a three piece rock band from Essex, aged 18-19, check us out!


“CRUKE” adj. - A state of being. The evolution of mind and music. CRUKE was formed in late 2008 by 2 friends who discovered...