SupaJam Music


EDIT/SELECT A young musical gang from art beat of London’s lower south east side – in yer face newer wave pop charm and...

Manatee Racket

Playful, energetic and catchy indierock from the south of Norway.

What The Fuck?!

What The Fuck?! is a rock band formed in late 2007 in Melilla, Spain. Coming from many different influences, energy and young...

Tall Poppies

Super Sexy Australian Twins Sing about the harsh realities of unrequited love in a bent folk-pop anthem. All the good ones are...

Lost Dawn

Trailer rock with a subtle scent of Motown nostalgia.


Soccer96 are Danalogue & Beatamax - a drum/synth duo, using only analogue synths running through guitar amps and pedals blended...

Craig Wosahlo

I am a young singer-songwriter from Newcastle, Fresh from travelling the world for a year, with a brand new EP

Alice in Darkland

"Mother Earth" an aggressive, gloomy and melancholic track from the music project of ex Lacuna Coil Keyboards player...

'til Dusk

After months of rehearsing, a wayward band from southern England became known as 'til Dusk, after they began to notice their...


Three piece band from Glasgow!


Incredibly invetive alternative music, think fleet foxes meets incredible string band meets young mumford and sons

The Union Jacks

This song was recorded at Leeders Farm Studios, Norfolk between January - February 2008. It's one of our faster songs and...


A new UK dance act... think Chase & Status meets Example

The Elations

Formed in a shed, in Woking, August 2009. Constantly gigging/reocridng demos. In the process of recording an EP.

Checking Pulse

Checking Pulse, a female fronted four piece band using a blend of Pop-punk/Electronica to forge their unique sound. Checking...


An energetic act, fronted by a "Lady in a man's world", making sure their music is as epic as it's fun.It's all about having...

Killing Fields of Ontario

Alternative Folk-Rock band originally based in Leeds and Sheffield but now based throughout the country. Currently working on...


We are Rok.Ink, a 4piece original Rock/Metal band from Barnsley with a hunger to rock the masses.

Black Steel rose

Black Steel Rose smashed the stages at the Bamboozle 09, Coronado Speed Fest, City Of Lights Festival, House Of Blues, Viper...

Arun Bhanot

Singer-Songwriter with blues and rock influence.


Subverts are an exciting up and coming 3 piece pop rock band from Reading. Energetic performances and catchy songs stick in...