SupaJam Music

Doug Hayman

Doug Hayman is an acoustic singer/songwriter whose finger picking method of playing and soft vocal style creates a mellow...


Tried and tested hands in the air rock infused house music 100% guaranteed to move any dancefloor! www.tokyoblu.com for more info

Kill Your Darlingz (KYD)

Kill your darlingz Steven J: Guitar, Lead vocals and music . (JBJ) James Bradley JR: Drummer and has performed with the likes...

disco nasties

jumpy-dancy-disco ball bags! summer anthem! what? 'diDnt take you to the bus stop, did you think that i was fooking soft,...


This is balls out rage - 3 musicians from the underground London electro scene come together and shove a flaming tree trunk up...

Tallulah Rendall

Tallulah Rendall is a highly aclaimed British artist with a fan base from Sherliey Bassey to John Metcalfe. She is high...

Crow hailer

The Folk Rock band from Bristol

John Ainsworth

Think 12 String Guitarist that has the haunting Voice of Jeff Buckley and the fingers of Eric Clapton.

Jay Fraser

Left Australia to learn how to play, stayed in London to learn how to survive.

Carrie Haber

A singer/songwriter/pianist that pops. She's fun, dynamic & has worked with a Grammy award winning producer. She's won over...


FARRs are a 4-piece 'fuzz-dance' band from Leeds, UK. They have been together since early 2008 and are releasing the debut E.P....

jon kendall

Jon Kendall along with backing vocalist Amy provide a catchy, funky acoustic sound with memorable melodys and beautiful harmonies!

The Chairmen

Up beat, anthemic indie electro with a twist of chilli.

Virgin Soldiers

An acoustic band with a difference- introducing Strock!

Ghost of the Highway

After forming in 2010 Ghost of the Highway already have a fair few achievements under their belt, Headlining shows all over the...


Malaxe (french 'merging & blending') compiles the best of different genres. dirty trip hop beats meet mindwrapping...

The Einar Flaa Academy

This song is written to my childminder Laila. Thank you Laila fore giving me the inspiration!!

Rook and The Ravens

Rook and The Ravens are 'articulate, edgy, blistering, self-assured and diverse. They are without doubt, an inspirational and...

Painted People


Luke De-Sciscio

Focusing on the reality of life through the delicacy and beauty of his poetic lyrics, Luke De-Sciscio writes songs that narrate...