SupaJam Music


9mary is the recording name of singer/songwriter Flo Morrissey. She is joined by her brother Fitz who writes, sings and plays...

Jenny Hallam



A cinematic mix of Balkan, Mexican, French and Post Rock Music!


The boys formed as teenagers in 1999 and do all that they can to fly the flag for British talent. They work all day, party all...


Ventilato is formed of childhood friends Dali Bor and Pippo Vari. Many coincidences brought these guys together and maybe...



The Wax Dramatic

The Wax Dramatic mix soundscapes with catchy and memorable riffs, driving basslines and they even use elements of electronic...

Tongue Tide

Pop songs for [math] kids.

Hybrid Trend

Hybrid Trend are an alternative rock/heavy metal band from Leicester, United Kingdom. The band offers a blend of the soft,...

The Silk Pigs

One of the hardest working bands to emerge from the UK. The Silk Pigs blend passionate lyrics with rock and roll and come out...

Sarah Coloso

Vibrant rock 'n' soul with massive vocals.


"Amalgamating the styles of the finest purveyors of musical genius from the past 50 years, Zemitones deliver in the studio,...

the Monomes

A personal rock and roll sound. Energetic and powerfull performance

Morrissey & Marshall

Morrissey & Marshall are an acoustic folk duo based in London. Their sound is acoustic folk that features harmonies reminiscent...


Born in North London to a family of musos, thesps and artists, little Axe was brought up on a healthy diet of Bowie, Beatles...

Roads & Rivers

With only their hands they have crafted some of the finest songs ever created and they have only just begun.

Strawberry Girl

Sara Lilly is the lead for the band and has been writing and singing songs for some time and is passionate about music....

Edging on Ecstacy

Ecstacy: an extraordinary elevation of the spirit, as when the soul, unconscious of sensible objects, is supposed to...


Catchy guitar riffs, creative drum work, great harmonies and sing-a-long melody lines.

Tara Stewart

Tara is a 20 year old Irish/Indian musician from Australia currently living in Ireland. She has supported bands like Jet and...

The One Ts

If Steve Marriott, Paul Mcartney and Ray Davies got together to play twister, this is the sound they would make! Joyous,...