SupaJam Music


A mix of punk, rock and folk, but unlike anything you've ever heard before!!!


We are a classic rock psychedelic band from Liverpool Uk. Our band integrates 2 lead guitarist , bass, drums and lead singer.


SuperKasanova are an interesting Darkwave band from Dublin, Louth and the midlands. In their first year they giged in Louth...

Lone Hand

Born in the back streets of London late 2010 Lone Hand is wild, pissed off and ready to be unleashed to the world, bringing...

Darke Horse

Darke Horse are a funk, rock, indie, pop band, with full on guitar rifes and catchy lyrics!

South & Maine

In a 3-year journey, South & Maine has travelled a long distance. From not even knowing each other to a fine-tuned music...

ice breakers

we love rocking out and showing our music to the world

Hail To The Eskimo

Hail to the Eskimo write songs that are upbeat bundles of sonic energy reflecting the stranger parts of life and love with a...

Peter Smart and the Blinking Lights

A satirical piece in the Times is one thing, but bricks and baseball bats really gets to the point I think

John Ainsworth

Think 12 String Guitarist that has the haunting Voice of Jeff Buckley and the fingers of Eric Clapton.

shy for shore

"on a whipping wave of angelic vocals, this London four piece truly excels at atmospheric layering and soaring dramaturgies...

Nix Nugent

NUGENtopia cannot be pinned down, or easily defined as an artist. The very essence of eclectic, her music belongs to a...

The Crooked Empire

3-Piece indie-rock band from Droitwich that have been quoted as being "The greatest pure rock'n'roll act in the two counties"...

Electric Hoedown

Electric Hoedown is a modern folk rock band, rediscovering and reinterpreting traditional folk songs using modern instruments.

Findlay Napier and the Bar Room Mountaineers

Heavily influenced by the music of Elvis Costello and Loudon Wainwright III Napier and his tight four piece band dispatch...


After winning the T4 Hollyaoks music show competiton and appearing on national TV, the band were signed to Fierce panda Records...


“ These Guys are going somewhere, make sure they take you with them” - Paul Jones BBC Radio 2 Albany Down in Live Session

Laura Lost

Forming a band after losing a finger at a festival, Laura Lost has played all over London and the UK in the past two years,...


"Astonishingly well-observed resurrection of late-period psychedelia party anthems pomped up through a glam-rock filter"...

Alexa Merlot

Ireland `05. Pen, Piano, Voice, Ambition. London`08-`11. Music degree, Midi keyboard, Logic Pro, and a musical mind. 'My life...

Little Yells Alot

Distorted. Passionate. Intense. Fashionable. Pissed. Talented. Unpredictable. Energetic and Non Chalant are all words that have...