SupaJam Music

The Vehicles

Raised from the debris of battered vinyl, crumpled CDs and broken tapes!


“Intricate indie” Shiva are from New Cross, South London. With their punchy guitars and angsty vocals, they're a good bet for...


Zenyth established in Cardiff in 2004 with the ambition of blending catchy melodies, gritty riffs and original song-writing to...


'Devil May Care' was written as the theme song for the new James Bond audio book of the same name by Sebastian...

The New Inventions

Fusing catchy hooks with driving beats, The New Inventions are an exciting alt-rock band from Canterbury

The Sunshine Theory

a musical duo writing since the age of twelve. Now new inspirations have sparked newer and more exciting things.

Some Kind of Leader

Cardiff based SOME KIND OF LEADER have recently emerged onto the UK Music scene with a sound that pulls apart the rock...


Mrz.Crocodile,dúo formado en Zaragoza por Carla y Julia,en 2007.Se conocen en 2003,mientras estudian sus carreras de Piano y...


This is a song about being at the wrong place, sticking your nose into others business and know that you're always doing...

The Seven Deadly Sins

"Inspired in part by the shimmer of Teenage Fanclub and the heaviness of Nirvana. This blend seems to have won them a few...

Panic Station

Strong music with lots of energy

S J Denney

S J's style is alternative rock, often compared to Oasis, the Lighthouse Family, Pink Floyd, R.E.M. and Phil Collins.


Daytona are an original rock band based in London, Uk. In just the last year, the group has garnered a sizeable following in...

Ghost In Mirrors

Ghost in Mirrors is a 4piece prog band from Kent. The sound is reminiscent of Tool, with a healthy dose of electronic thrown in...

The Rumour

The Rumour are a 4 piece indie outfit hailing from Bermondsey, South East London. Since Forming in 2008 the band have been...

Factory Dolls

Incendiary live set that the lucky few that have seen us know that once seen, never forgotten!

The Morgans

Brother and Sister duo, The Morgans play original celtic soul. with belting vocals and astounding guitar.

The Panoramic

We are a male 4 piece Indie/Alternative band, and since we properly formed towards the end of 2011, we just want to get our own...

Puppet Arms

Melodic, aggressive and alternative - That is a brief description of the way Puppet Arms mixes rock and metal. With plenty of...

The Van Allen Belt

The Van Allen Belt, a group of widespread and pocketed renown, take several diverse musical styles to their penultimate using a...

The Vertigos

We're a 5 piece Indie Alternative band from St. Albans, about to release our new ep rubix. Lovvving it