SupaJam Music

Kindred and Strings

A modern, knowing interpretation of the classic style of blues and rock. Raw, rough and live.

The Bright Side

Try to keep your feet still to this one. Ace indie rock at it's best.

900 Spaces

900 Spaces are four pieces of organically spattered dance floor indie jigsaw often described as disco-inspired, characterised...

a New Breed of Monkey

indie rockers from Lancashire

Ben Jordan

Ben is an independent musician from Denver, Colorado who has been touring the world for the sake of the song.


'A textbook execution of the total eyelash-batting vapidity of good pop, this is Duran Duran for the modern age....

Suds and Soda

Suds and Soda, so named after their favourite song by Deus, are a London based duo who make remixes with a difference as well...

The Superkings

A Guitar band with guitars upfront and in your face.

Get Set Radio

Pop/Rock band with massive tunes and killer hooks

Whiskey & Lace

Classic Rock For The Top Shop Generation

Alfie and the Holics

Riffy 70's sounding glam rock n roll with a modern new wave twist. Catchy and infectious sounding melody with both ironic...

Adam Barnes

Meloncholy Acoustic Folk - its uplifting, but in that downbeat kind of way

Forever August

Two sets of brothers from Hampshire, UK. Debut album entitled 'Yours to Keep' will be released this summer for FREE. Like the...


irish front singer, with danish band, all musicians are from the danish music academy and have over 15 years experience in...

Safehouse Theory

A stunning rock epic with powerful riffs and beautiful melodies. This track will have you playing air guitar and drums all day...

Cook and the Case

If romance is dead, head in my hands, hand on my heart and heart on my sleave, in broad day and shining armour I shall avenge...

scumbag philosopher

Scumbag Philosopher are a nihilist-baiting mismatch of a crazed girl mauling her two drum kit. a grumbling, misanthropic,...

Black Steel rose

Black Steel Rose smashed the stages at the Bamboozle 09, Coronado Speed Fest, City Of Lights Festival, House Of Blues, Viper...

Black Sun

Face melting rock&roll, indie rock meets led zep with a psychodelic twist...

Out Side Room

Out Side Room formed in 2011, already gaining 3000+ online fans and having numerous headline slots at some of the best venues...

dereck rose

Music is the pacemaker that keeps me creating and moving. I love performing live and keeping it real. David did it with a sling...