SupaJam Music


Nsoromma’s compositions are infused with jazz, folk and African music, exploring the roots and influences of Zambian-Scottish...


"When a flag flying ska colours got caught in a gust of grunge wind, a beam of light shot into the sky. With a skrunge cloud...

Friends In china

Friends In China have risen from the ashes of Iphigenie and will be here there and everywhere soon. We are from the ACM in...

Virgin Soldiers

An acoustic band with a difference- introducing Strock!

Dead Men's Tales

True pirate rock for swashbucklers 'n' buccaneers - rock yer skulls!


Time is circular, everything comes back again and again. History repeats itself, but brings always something new. The same...

Randolph's Leap

Randolph's Leap are a Glasgow-based figment of your imagination.


Rock, catchy and energic track excerpt from HYPE's upcoming album www.myspace.com/hypemusic

Common Sounds

We're a three piece rock band from Essex, aged 18-19, check us out!


Innovative Post-Punk