SupaJam Music

Michael Wookey

Michael Wookey worked for years in a submarine like studio and one day decided to collaborate with French musicians and to...


In the second half of 2005, Lucian and Bogdan decided to start a rock band. The real work would begin a year later, when RAVA...

The Other Tribe

"Cocky, rocky", fizzling with vitality and convulsive with energy, The Other Tribe entrap you in their dance inducing sound...

Charlie Bath

Charlie’s own style of ‘acoustic -warrior’ packs a punch whether she is going solo or with a full band. Folk/Americana/blues

The Moons

The Moons Like ...Tape echo, fuzz , vox continental, mellotrons.

Factory Dolls

Incendiary live set that the lucky few that have seen us know that once seen, never forgotten!


Emerging at the right time for folk music their brand of stripped-down haunts are ambient & rich in ethereal ache, the songs of...

Pray For Hayden

Pray for Hayden are a 5-piece, anthemic Pop-Rock band from Leeds, UK with a unique sound that mixes elements of Rock, Punk, Pop...

The Vanity Clause

We're a 3 piece electronic band from London, UK with joint male and female vocals specializing in frenzied analogue synth...

The Boxettes

The Boxettes are an innovative all-female a’capella group from London feat Bellatrix, Female World Beatbox Champion.These 5...