SupaJam Music

The Castells

We want to do rock & roll like the rolling stones did, that looked like fun

Marthas Man

A time comes in everyone's musical life to kick off and 2011 is my year! Singalong anthems with a heartfelt touch.


Can you Say First Track of our new record "On Air" it's just the door that will open your hear to a great Rock n...

David Hope & The Henchmen

David Hope & The Henchmen have built up a mean reputation for their whisky-sozzled brand of God-fearing Roots ... consists of...

Katie Morgan

Katie is a singer/songwriter from Pembrokeshire, South Wales.Working with songwriter/musician Brian Clayton at Erudite Music...

The Scandal

It's uber contagious blues-bopping, gritty indie-rock that howls like B.B King yet sounds as modern as it can. A fantastic...

Friends In china

Friends In China have risen from the ashes of Iphigenie and will be here there and everywhere soon. We are from the ACM in...

addy oldman

addy oldman singer musician songwriter

The Little Kicks

The Little Kicks are a Scotland based band who are known for their upbeat, melodic, catchy indie pop songs.

Marina Florance Band

A band you need to see play 'live :)

The Whisky Jax

Whisky Jax are a young band from Peterborough who've already picked up great interest from fans and journalists alike in the...


KingOfTrash is a UK Singer/Songwriter. He has just released his debut album, Mythology, produced by Mark Gamble (Formerly of...


Indie / Electronic / Dirty blues


A family, a group of friends, a tight team each specialising in his and her field of music, art, creativity and vision, a...


Brand new music played on the slide and the tunings of the Delta Blues. Italian melodies sung in both languages (English /...


Inspired by the likes of The Arcade Fire, The National and the Guillemots, described as 'Truly Breath Taking' and 'This Summers...

August Hayes/Solo Outings

A songwriter in, IN and a lyricist of unusual depth. August Hayes/Solo Outings band are: Emma Ellis (vocal), August Hayes...

The Magical Blue Orchestra

Timeline: October 2006 Norwegian brothers Jörgen and Andreas form The Magical Blue Orchestra in Hemavan Sweden. They decide to...

The Inspector

Deep sound impact and impressive show performance

Lonely Kamel


The Jonny Guns

Think U2, think The Rolling Stones...not rivals but heirs to the throne.