SupaJam Music

Murdering Tripping Blues

The name MURDERING TRIPPING BLUES defines itself: the energy and emotion of a crime of passion, altered states of consciousness...


Celtic-folk Americana, from London to Nashville, via Donegal!

Hey Yeah!

HEY YEAH! The new Brussels power pop band influenced by the retro touch of JOY DIVISION, the crazyness of SUPERGRASS and...

The Jar Family

Introducing The Jar Family - a collective of five singer/songwriters from the North East of England whose sum of their parts is...


Unsigned dubstep/drum n' bass producer from Britain, creates originals, the occasional remix and does live DJ sets.

The Suburbians

4 piece rock band based in Brentwood Essex, UK. All about putting on a great show and keeping guitars alive!

The Chairmen

Up beat, anthemic indie electro with a twist of chilli.

Dead Men's Tales

True pirate rock for swashbucklers 'n' buccaneers - rock yer skulls!


"All good is hard.All evil is easy.Dying, losing, cheating and mediocrity is easy.Stay away from easy." Travelled through many...

Louise Against The Elements

She's the funk poetess with a voice somewhere between Joni and Janis, and her band are a racket of raw soul power. Baby...


Rock like theres no tomorrow


Odette is a young band from Palma de Mallorca. They've played around the country and recently recorded their first studio album...

Little girl Screaming

The first thing you notice is the energy. The band don’t just play their songs live, they attack them. And with the passion...

Ease Springs

Ease Springs fluid distillation of riffs, hooks and grooves excel this band into the limelight. An explosive, high energy live...

Jonny Jack

Melodic acoustic pop songs with a crispy chocolate voice.


Borderline:FIRE are Reading's fastest growing rock band. Their debut single 'I Wanna Go' is now available on iTunes and the...


2 nerds a drummer and a model.

Caitlin Stubbs

Lyrics meant for you to relate to and melodies meant for you to hum to; "Songs that sound more grown than written" - Guerrilla...

all too human

formed in 2010 as a recording project by leeds college of music student tony g and vocalist jay turner who saw potential for...

Some Kind of Leader

Cardiff based SOME KIND OF LEADER have recently emerged onto the UK Music scene with a sound that pulls apart the rock...