SupaJam Music

Mind For Murder

Bristol based metal band featuring the unrelenting force of ex-Clockwork Sniper members Dean Jordan & Richard White, all fused...

Luna Riot

Luna Riot are a London based alternative rock band, formed in 2006. Founding members and guitarists Dan Herbert and Jonny...

Khaos Theory

KHAOS THEORY are a hard rock/metal band from Redditch (near Birmingham) in the UK.


Hello, we're Shift-Static, a band from Newcastle via Edinburgh via Ipswitch via Manchester. So we're a fairly varied...

Eaton Park

Eaton Park are a band thats been about for the last 18 months and its gone from strength to strength with loads of gigs under...


Formed only 6 months ago JKLMNO have already played in front of thousands at the legendary FIB festival in Spain and are...


The hottest Transylvanian indie rock act of the moment, ready to take on the world!

Glenn Simpson

I compose an original style of music. My main instrument is a guitar shaped bouzouki. I have released an album of my own...

Painted People



Hailing from Manchester, UK by way of Norway, Daddysmilk churn out fantastically cheeky rock with a theatrical sweep. There’s...

The Boxettes

The Boxettes are an innovative all-female a’capella group from London feat Bellatrix, Female World Beatbox Champion.These 5...

Belle Cannon

I grew up in a very musical Irish / American family so Country Music was always being played. I grew up listening to the likes...


So many rock bands today talk about how they just want to let their music do the talking – and then rely on gimmicks to...


Scoundrel are a four-piece indie band from Sheffield consisting of Luke, Joe, Daviyd and Kaleb - Three of whom are brothers....

Picture Book

Eletronic Dance Music - Played Live.

Laura Catlow

Blackpool based singer/songwriter. Acoustic, folk with a punk rock edge, cutting lyrics and sweet melodies.


5 individuals from Kent, since releasing our first recordings in January 2011 we have received glowing endorsement from Radio...

Some Kind of Leader

Cardiff based SOME KIND OF LEADER have recently emerged onto the UK Music scene with a sound that pulls apart the rock...

The Chase

Formed in 2010, The Chase are four-piece band from Portsmouth. Debut album "Ever, Never or Now?" was released in September 2010.

murdering tripping blues

The energy and emotion of a crime of passion, altered states of consciousness and the soul of the blues.