SupaJam Music

Archean Soundtrack

We're a five piece hard Rock band that fuses Rap with melodic choruses and chunky riffs!

Jonny Jack

Melodic acoustic pop songs with a crispy chocolate voice.

Will Joseph Cook

I'm 16 and within the last year or so i have started writing, recording and performing my own songs. Music is what i love and...

Alexander Associates

So this is me. I'm Alex and through various bands I have picked up some random's to join me. All lovingly mashed together from...


Athos infuse an intriguing drum and bass collaboration with heavy yet uplifting guitar passages and a high range vocal with...

The Huxleys

Ware based band, The Huxleys are a female fronted, three piece professional, fun and reliable rock band. Their influences stem...

Chasing Tigers

Three piece from Norwich in Norfolk

The Medullary Paralysis

Music begins to atrophy when it departs too far from dance; poetry begins to atrophy when it gets too far from music.

Tongue Tide

Pop songs for [math] kids.

Alexandra Legouix and the Sunflowers

Alexandra Legouix and The Sunflowers! have created a sophisticated but accessible fusion of latin, jazz, soul, reggae and pop...

Seven Summits

‘Seven Summits’ formed in Belfast in 2008. Their music combines a wide range of sounds and influences to create something you...

13th hole

13th HOLE, a mixed French-Italian group [Rennes and Carpi], follower of a kind of American noise culture [Sonic Youth]. 5...

Cat Matador

After the success of critically acclaimed 'The Address EP' Cat Matador have had radio presence, more live shows and recently a...


In early 2008, Paul Mates (vocals, guitar), along with his best friend and brother in law, Andrei Prodan (bass), looked for a...

Wayside Kings

Four guys from Kent getting your heart on your sleeve and your feet on the floor with the poppier side of punk.

The Jonny Guns

THE JONNY GUNS isn't like your average indie rock band. This four piece from Notts avoid the usual copy-cat traps to generate...

Miss Neeks & The Masquerades

"Howling vocals... Defiant, Rock 'n' Roll infusted blues that wallops you in the gut." - The Arbuturian

L.A. Salami

Not quite folk, not quite indy, not quite common and certainly not boring, L.A. Salami’s lyricism and voice are hypnotic.

Loose Talk Costs Lives

James, Ollie, Tim, Liam and Greg all met whilst studying at University in Leeds. The band have released two records; double A...



Ástþór Óðinn

Catchy melodic soothing music, make you feel safe on a trip while the rhymes impresses you word by word.