SupaJam Music

Murdering Tripping Blues

The name MURDERING TRIPPING BLUES defines itself: the energy and emotion of a crime of passion, altered states of consciousness...

Lack of Lifeboats

From a small town in the North East where nicking a wheelie bin and setting it on fire is the order of the day come four...

Meme Love

Meme plays and writes quirky alternative pop. She just wants to make you smile...

Ghosts in the Nightclubs

Ghosts will play the stuff no one else would. You will see that there are more listens for you to try on our myspace page.

Burn The Fleet

A 4 piece rock band from Southampton ready to do what they do best live.

Northern Uproar

Loud music with passion and heart - Stand and fight ! Manchester based Rock'n'Roll band

The Bright Side

Try to keep your feet still to this one. Ace indie rock at it's best.

Too Tangled

Too Tangled is an Indie-garage-rock-duo This is what two crazy people end up with...you're so Frantic!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Luminaries

Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition winners My Luminaries have a DIY story to tell and are stronger and more creative than...

Brother & Bones

“.... some say the sound between Mumford and Sons and The Dead Weather.......I think these boys could be better and bigger than...


Formed from three key elements - The love of electronic music, growing up in Essex and the need to express ourselves to others!...

Missing Citizen

Missing Citizen combine driving riffs and rhythms with thought-provoking, soaring vocals, creating an unparalleled soundscape...


4 guys from london who love to play hard rocking catchy choons.

Whiskey & Lace

Classic Rock For The Top Shop Generation

The Spiels

Formed by Canadian Singer-Songwriter Ryan Lamey and British Singer-Songwriter/Producer Ben McGarvey, who were later joined by...

ollie childs

Born and raised in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire England. The official version we think! although there are rumour’s he was...

The Mademoiselle

The Mademoiselle are a 3 piece alternative band from Glasgow. Comprised of Alaskan principle songwriter, Tyler Collins, and 2...


Heller is an English rapper from West London. From the young age of 10, listening to his mums Lionel Richie tapes and Al Green...

Karen Valelli

Melodic, Contemporary, Indi, Acoustic vibe with influences from Richard Thompson, Damian Rice, Badly Drawen Boy, KT Tunstall.

Will Joseph Cook

I'm 16 and within the last year or so i have started writing, recording and performing my own songs. Music is what i love and...


We Need Heroes' was written by 'Lights' during 2008 as part of a session for an EP titled 'Into The...