SupaJam Music

The Sundown Jam

We are a Brighton based band with a fresh sound infused with a blend of our eclectic musical interests. With hints of reggae,...

The Sunshine Theory

a musical duo writing since the age of twelve. Now new inspirations have sparked newer and more exciting things.

The Superkings

A Guitar band with guitars upfront and in your face.

The Systematics

The Systematics are here to save your soul

The Taints

We are a four piece Indie / Punk band from Folkestone, Kent. We began writing last year, playing acoustically in pubs and at...


We re a young french rock band called THE TANKS. We re three. Our music takes sense on stage.

The Tapestry

Rebel-rousing, boy/girl sing-a-long, terrace chant, indie-pop

The Tempus

"Imagine The Verve crossed with Led Zeppelin, plus searing Neil Young solos" - The Guardian


TF1 was formed in 2008 after members had worked together on various shows and mixtapes. it was decided that their local...

The Thespians

Liverpool based 4 piece, labelled as 'the UK's answer to The Strokes' and 'Just f**kin cool' by MTV New York

The Toniks

The Toniks were formed in September 2007. They have already started to attract management/small label interest just from their...

The Torn

Based in middle England we are a guitar led band backed by powerful energetic rythms. We were born to live on stage. Our music...

The Trade

The Trade are a young 5 piece Rock band who have been making waves in the North East of Scotland.

The TwonEights

THE TWO N EIGHTS sound like the night before the morning after so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

The Uglytown

A nervous track from 4 young french boys. You just have to listen.

The Union Jacks

This song was recorded at Leeders Farm Studios, Norfolk between January - February 2008. It's one of our faster songs and...

The Valiant

The Valiant are a 5 piece Metal-core band from Southampton UK, we live for playing shows and we like to rock hard!

The Van Allen Belt

The Van Allen Belt, a group of widespread and pocketed renown, take several diverse musical styles to their penultimate using a...

The Vanity Clause

We're a 3 piece electronic band from London, UK with joint male and female vocals specializing in frenzied analogue synth...