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At a Carpool Conversation gig you would expect to see me playing guitar into a loopstation along with sitar and vocals. I...

Carrie Haber

A singer/songwriter/pianist that pops. She's fun, dynamic & has worked with a Grammy award winning producer. She's won over...

Cast Of Thousands

Europhoric emotion filled musical shards of life

Cat Matador

After the success of critically acclaimed 'The Address EP' Cat Matador have had radio presence, more live shows and recently a...

Cat Mouse Cat

United by a shared love of joyous pop songs, Cardiff based Cat Mouse Cat aim to provide sweet and heart-felt ditties through...

Cat O'Connor

Cat O'Connor is a bubbly piano-pop singer/songwriter from Ascot in Berkshire. Having supported "The Rifles" and reaching...

Caught In A Crossfire

CAUGHT IN A CROSSFIRE is a 5 peice Portsmouth based Hard hitting punk band that play hard and party hard check it!

Cavan Moran

The missing link between The Pogues & Arcade Fire. You didn't even know there was one?


Ex Brit School Stuent, Good friends with Adele, Allan Rose has everything going for him. 2012 really is going to be his year.

Century Man

Century Man, Urgent, insistant, energetic indie. An interview with the band featured in the Dec 30th issue of the NME (see scan...

Changing Horses

Changing Horses are a quirky British, pop/folk indie duo comprised of Ric Birtill (vocals and guitar) and Chezz Cullen (vocals,...

Chapel Hill

Nathaniel Symes, founder and singer-songwriter of Chapel Hill was born in North Carolina as the peace walks pounded America’s...


Pippo and Dali are childhood friends. They are painting music and living in South London.

Chapter II feat. Natalie Chandra

The Seven Pages of Chapter II The Story Of Swiss Rock Band Chapter II A great book is made up of well written chapters and...


Post trip hop 3 piece made up from Lily Gaskell, Josh Butters and Daniel Wyatt

Charlie & The Martyrs

Pioneers of Pop N Roll. Released 3 EPs through indie label Porked. Toured with Paul Heaton & The GO! Team. Main-stage festival...

Charlie & The Martyts

Formed by Birmingham’s own Charlie Jones (BBC Singer/Songwriter of the Year - Finalist 2008) and some of Nottingham and...

Charlie Bath

Charlie’s own style of ‘acoustic -warrior’ packs a punch whether she is going solo or with a full band

Charlie Bath

Charlie’s own style of ‘acoustic -warrior’ packs a punch whether she is going solo or with a full band. Folk/Americana/blues

chasing cadence

We're are Chasing Cadence. For more information hit play.