SupaJam Music


Blurring divides between digital and analogue, combining the raw power of distorted guitars and the rigid perplexities of...

The Valiant

The Valiant are a 5 piece Metal-core band from Southampton UK, we live for playing shows and we like to rock hard!

Young Blood

Reminding the world what being a band is all about.


Quixote are a blues fuelled avant garde rock band from the UK, Spain, France, Russia and Germany who now ply their trade in...

Dead Town Nothing

Hello, were a metal/hardcore band from the UK, featuring members from Cry For Silence, Weve played alot of shows and work...


"You guys were one of the best opening acts on our tour! You all have great stage prescence and are awesome musician! Im sure...

Act Natural

Pit.Drink.Party. EXPECT SOME FUN!

Scream Arena

Scream Arena..big riffs and more hooks than a trawler..

Grace The Skies

Grace The Skies are heavy, yet commercial, with crushing riffs, uplifting choruses and a live sound that blows your head off!...

New Carnival

New Carnival are a 3 piece band who play Indie-Dance music. They formed 2 years ago and have been playing live shows since....

Nix Nugent

NUGENtopia cannot be pinned down, or easily defined as an artist. The very essence of eclectic, her music belongs to a...

shy for shore

"on a whipping wave of angelic vocals, this London four piece truly excels at atmospheric layering and soaring dramaturgies...

Natalie Holmes

Bristol’s 20-year-old singer-songwriter Natalie Holmes writes beautifully honest, level-headed pop/folk tunes and brings them...

Liquid Fuse

LIQUID FUSE are the definition of Rock ‘N’ Roll” – that’s how Little Bear Promotions put it. Hailing from Sussex, UK, played at...


vocalist/dj /music producer from 1991,more on : http://www.starnow.co.uk/terremoto

The Recusants

london 4 piece guitar band messy indie funsters

Born Again Rebels

3 piece powerful hard rock with a mix of metal and classic/southern rock.


FuryBorn hit the metal scene in April 2011 from the ashes of various other projects with the goal of creating a fusion of music...

Adam Nichols

Singer/Songwriter from essex living in Brighton studying music with a good following on youtube and facebook.

chasing cadence

We're are Chasing Cadence. For more information hit play.