SupaJam Music

The Yardangs

Years at cementing a love for music. Some of them, connected to electricity, between cables and broken drumsticks, with ideas...

The Yellhounds

A plaintive fable, a song born on city streets at the break of dawn, a gutsy holler for respite, carnival music

The Yossarians

Spawned from a much larger eclectic collective we believe in 'motion', travelling the world with our own drive and purpose....

the zoo

4 piece rock band with riffs to spare

The [New] Shining

The [New] Shining is an ambitious 3-piece heavy rock band, set up in the summer of 2006. The [New] Shining is: Nax: vocals...




& bass band hailing from Manchester, UK. Writing tracks live as they play, they provide audiences with styles varying from...


Big Maybe is the catchiest tune ever, a nice blend of Indie Rock and britpop. produced by Phil Vinall known for working with...


pyschedelic rock/soul/ band from Waterford. Ireland http://www.soundcloud.com/thedeadheavys

thee deadtime philharmonic

Part of the 'strummerville' family (the joe strummer foundation for new music). Toured with mick jones(the clash) Recentley...


Alternative rock band, catchy upbeat songs, crowd pleasers, fun set


Heartwarming harmonies in a pop~folk fashion!

Them Philosophy

In 2005, pushed by its want to denounce a society loosing the sense of itself and its dignity, Ivo Di Marco conceived Them...

Theo Miller

I'm a singer songwriter from Leicester, and have been playing gigs for the past year to a growing number of fans, having won a...


Theory59 started by curiosity and quickly developed into something much more, currently playing gigs around town and have have...

These Foreign Armies

Dirty, loud, brilliant, careless.

They Live

They Live is a two piece electro/punk band. They will not obey, they will not conform, they will not marry and reproduce, they...

Thieves by Numbers

London based quartet document their recent travels in this cracking track!

Thieves Of Time

The 'Thieves Of Time' are an Indie / Rock band hailing from Chelmsford, Essex. Formed in early 2009 by Dean Goodwin and Dan...


Harley Davidson used this track on their up coming ad campaign for their new range of bikes. Its hard and to the point!

Third Light

The future is bright for Third Light, having stepped up their game in 2009. They are currently self-recording, engineering and...